Implanted microchip would allow only police officers to fire their guns

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The National Rifle Association opposes the legislation because of potential problems with smart-gun technology, but gun safety advocates argue that the technology could encourage gun ownership with the newfound sense of security.

Since when is the NRA not a gun safety organization??? And the organizations she is referring to against the NRA have GOT to be anti-gunners like the Brady Center, etc that have stated a mission of getting rid of guns altogether. Do reporters even bother to do any research these days??? Lazy SOB's...apparently anything with a typewriter/computer can be a reporter these days.

NJ's elite wrote their legislation for smart guns specifically protecting government from lawsuits related to the failure of the technology.

NJ's LE community got itself exempted from use of the technology.

What does that say about the confidence levels out there.

Hey VeriChip! Marketing suggestion here siince you people obviously need help. Set up a beta site test with the bodyguard units of several governors aound the country. I suggest contacting California, Illinois, Maryland, Noo Joisey, Noo Yark, and Mass. Seems they would love to test such advanced technology.
GigaBuist has it right. No one is going to go through the trouble of creating some counter chip or mystic method of hacking the program.

As I said in another thread on this same subject:



Any idiotic electronic locking device of any sort can be circumvented with a battery and two wires or less. Any electronic device eventually actuates an electrically controlled switch. Any criminal and most children over the age of 12 know that it is stupid to be slave to a complex gimmick when all they need is a common battery.

Anyone remember that ADT alarms commercial with the big guy in the convict suit saying "I can pick most locks with a credit card" and "I know when you're home, and when you're not!" and all that jazz? It's just trash. Are people suddenly not going to have eyes and internet connections? The MPAA can't stop movie piracy, but bad guys can't short a solenoid on a handgun? I think not.
As I understand it, the implanted chip would emit a signal that would allow the gun to fire. I wonder, could a devise be built that would emit a signal that would "cause" the gun to fire? Now that would be interesting! :what:
Could you imagine someone using such a devise at a police convention?
I know this is silly but so is "smart " gun technology.
However, i have seen enough failures to know that i would NOT carry an electronic weapon into REAL battle.

Ditto. I actually play with an automag and a qloader. No batteries for me.
Let us not forget that each officer will have to have a chip in each hand that is encoded to his weapons (primary pistol, backup pistol, rifle and shotgun) as well as those of his partner. Add to this the coding necessary for his supervisor to have access to each weapon in his squad... It'll be open season on PD Supervisors.:eek:
Ditto. I actually play with an automag and a qloader. No batteries for me.

zahc....lemme restate.....i wfeel comfortable with an electonic weapon on the paintball battlefield, but not a real one.

As for an automag...i wouldnt even feel comfortable with one in my gearbag.:D :D :D
Get familiar with the End Times prophecies in Revelation. This technology is probably the Mark of the Beast. They want to chip everybody. "Gun safety", "security", "anti-terrorist identification", etc. programs using this technology all fit into the plan somehow.

Even if it is not the Mark of the Beast this technology is still insidious. DO NOT GET ONE OF THESE CHIPS OR WHATEVER THE MARK OF THE BEAST TURNS OUT TO BE!
What in the hell is it with VeriChip? Has this company ever met a privacy-infringing, liberty-violating scheme that they didn't like?
Nice sentiment but irrelevant. The company was in the tank and drowning before 911. After 911 strangely enough it got an infusion of capital and some heavyweight governmental sponsors. . . . . one of which is none other than Norman Minetta.

IIRC VeriChip is a private company.
RFID is the current technology fad. It's a hammer that worked on one nail, and htey are trying to apply it anything and everything. I wouldn't be surprised if pretty much every industry about nwo wasn't wasting tens of thousands of dollars at the minimum desperately searching for some way that the technology ISN'T useless to them.

As for the reliability of ANY computer controlled locking mechanism:

nice movies at the bottom of the page showing it's effects on something designed to be fairly resistant to stray RF. Now imagine it pointed at something that has an antenna in its circuitry.

you can build them as big as a van, as small as a briefcase.
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