In the market for another safe......

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Feb 9, 2007
  • Looking for a new gun safe. Something in the 40-60+ storage range, which we all know that number is about twice of what it actually will hold. wink.gif . Looking to stay under a grand. What are there recommendations?

Also, seems as though they all come with electronic locks. Are these good or bad when compared to the old dial? If going with an electronic lock, is it good to have a key for back up or not?
Have you tried your local locksmith who sells safes? He might have a used one from a trade-in.
Try craigslist, other online classified ads, etc. Lots of people with larger safes sell them when they move and end up replacing them later. Another option is just buying 2 (or more) different safes that will achieve the desired storage capacity.
Liberty has a cheaper line of safe, but the lower economic line only goes up to 24 gun and is $700.

I would highly advize going with a quality safe, buy once cry once. It will be very difficult to find a good quality safe of the size you are talking for under a grand. I am in the market for a new safe myself and the best deal I can find is the Liberty 1776 line. The fire rating and locking mechanisms are stellar as well as the option for mechanical or digital locks. For a larger safe like you are talking about, one of the biggest perks of a liberty, is most of their retailers will deliver and install for a fee of around $250, which is entirely worth it to me.
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For that big of a safe. A good one will run you more than a grand. Unless you can find a good deal on a used one or find a dealer that has a sale on. I bought a Liberty on sale from a local locksmith. Went in to get some keys made and came home owning a safe. Just stumbled onto a good deal.
No local locksmith around here. Thanks for all the info so far, I will keep shaking the trees.
Keep an eye on Craigslist. I picked up a 39 gun safe a few years ago for $1100, new the same model was going for $1600. It was basically in like new condition.

I prefer a mechanical lock so I never have to worry about replacing batteries, but that's largely a personal choice. If you find one with a digital and want a mechanical, as long as the lock is a UL Group 2 lock (most are) you can replace it with a mechanical dial. Or pay a locksmith to do so if you're more comfortable with that.
If you're rural, most of the places like Rural King, Tractor Supply or similar carry safes and run sales on them. They typically have the lower-tier quality-wise, but they would still be good enough to thwart a teenager smash and grab situation.
Problem solved. TSC had an older model on clearance. That will work for now and I will keep my eyes open for a "good deal" on a better one.
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