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(IN) Woody Burton? Nah.

Discussion in 'Legal' started by madmike, May 1, 2006.

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  1. madmike

    madmike Member

    Jan 5, 2003
    In a well-equipped suburban bunker
    Woody Burton, District 58, IN House

    First, I contacted him about the IN ban on switchblades--met him at a voters' forum. He said he was amenable to getting it changed, and to contact him in spring when legislation was written.

    Then I emailed him, and explained the sticky problem that a great many IN LEOs carry switchblades, which is illegal under IN law, and that we should first change the law so they're not violating it, then see about changing it for everyone else, or do both at once if there's support.

    I got an email back from a secretary stating, "The Representative is aware that these weapons have been used in crime, and doesn't think it is wise to change the law.

    Gee, right out of Sarah Brady's play book. And he isn't bothered by cops violating the law.

    It did include a phone number and it was suggested I call to talk more. So I did. I got to mentioning the concept and he "had to change phones." The line went dead. He never returned my voicemails.

    Now, I hate to put it in these terms, but that's just gutless. At least be a man enough to tell me you don't agree.

    Of course, it might also stem from me telling him at that debate (politely) that I didn't approve of religious matter in school, and since the State Supreme Court had already said that posting the 10 Commandments was unconstitutional, I didn't think that passing identical laws repeatedly was practical, cost effective, or showing proper respect for our political system. I even asked if he was amenable to OTHER religions posting their rules to live by? No. Just his preferred guidelines. He's quite happy to use the system to enforce his morals with power of law, but not allow anyone else to.

    He claims to support KABA, but if he's afraid of a pocket knife, I really have my doubts. Is he going to waffle the moment "public opinion" shifts? I expect so.

    Considering his position on some other issues as well, I frankly will never vote for him, and will actively vote against him. He's a pandering weasel, not a conservative.


    He listens (NOT!)

    He cares (NOT!)

    He takes action (NOT!)
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