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Nov 8, 2007
SC by the SEA
I'm thinking about a 3" bbl 45, I would like sone input on the different models listed. If you own or have owned or know someone and can provide pros or cons I can use to make my choice I would appreciate any useful insight,
I have owned a Colt Gold Cup National Match for over 20yrs.
Thanks in advance.

1-Springfield Micro Compact
2-Kimber Ultra CDP II
3-Para PXT Hawg (slim hawg)
4-Colt Defender
Don't know about the ones you have listed, but I am quite pleased with the Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II that I just finished breaking in...
I own a Colt New Agent. Has never jammed. It's my primary CCW. I like the Defender too, plus it has sights. Still the Colt NA shoots very good. The recoil is not bad at all. I find it very controllable and I suspect anyone who is used to shooting 1911's will shoot it just fine.

I've owned Kimbers in the past (all series I) and liked them all. One was the Compact (4 inch). However, for some dumb reason, I always sell them. None of them gave me problems either. Hmm.

Oh and many seem to be down on the 3 inch 1911's but like I said above, mine does not give me any problem. I shoot re-loads and a variety of JHP through it. My Kimber Compact never gave me problems either. Many top-notch 1911 smiths disagree that the 3 inch 1911's are problematic, CT Brian being one ( Just don't try using full size gov't magazines through them. They are not made for the longer magazines unless shooting Wilson magazines with the adapter for Officer frames on the bottom (which works great BTW, and gives you 8 + 1).

Good luck.
My Colt Defender is my winter time carry gun and it has been great for the 6 or 7 years that I've had it. Their a little pricey but I like 'em.........
other, sorta

I have an SA Ultracompact, I carry it in my saddlebags on the bike but for cc I use something else on my person. The Springfield is a great little 45 but I think it measures about 3.5 inch for barrel length. It's a V10 (ported) I could do without that, just a personal preference.
I have two of the guns you listed
Springfield Micro Compact
Colt Defender
Of the four that you listed I would choose either the Colt or the Springfield. I would not trust my life to anything made by Kimber. All of the Kimbers that I have seen have had failure to feed and/or failure to extract problems, basically failure to work. The Para's seem to be good guns but $50 mags?? Also the double stack .45 of the Para is harder to conceal. The width of a concealment gun is more important than it's length.
The Colt Defender is the least expensive of the four I listed. I agree on the double stack Paras the 10 shots are nice but not worth the width differance. The slim Hawg is 6+1 single stack. John
i carry the colt defender , there was no break in . it has fired over 300 rounds of remington 230 gr. jhp ammo without a single problem.
You will learn soon as you do more research that people have been very happy with their defenders.

I have a micro and have had to do some work, and its all good now. It was having FTF, and failure to lock-back on the last round issues. It needed a new slide stop, polished feed ramp, a new extractor, and lastly, a STRONG grip.

The good thing about SA is their service is A-OK.
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