Initial impressions/review and video of Stoeger STR-9 and comparison to Glock 17 and 19


Jan 19, 2006
Happy Valley, UT
Happened upon this deal at local Cabela's; they were clearing out these Stoeger STR-9/Burris FastFire 3 packages for $299. The FF3 sells for about $170-200 so I figure I could pay $100 for a (potentially) very functional handgun. And Stoeger was offering a $50 rebate, which I only found out about later. Anyway, I got it and the short answer is the pistol is a great deal. Ergonomically superior to the Glock but almost identical internally (and so far, functionally). Trigger is a very nice 5.5ish lbs. The wall is soft/creepy but it's smooth and very shootable. Sights are dovetailed and are steel with 3 white dots. Magazines are steel, made in Italy (I suspect by Mec-Gar, which is good) and hold 15 rounds (2 fewer than the full size G17 with a similar grip length).

Sights are regulated for a center/combat hold, but were on for windage. Recoil/muzzle flip is a little more than the Glock 17, but you have to shoot them back-to-back to tell. This one is (obviously) cut for optics and comes with steel adapter plates. I used the Burris for another pistol that needed a replacement for a broken RMR so I can't speak to that on this gun yet.

Backstraps are interchangeable. the checkering on the backstrap is aggressive and good; the texturing elsewhere on the grip is OK but I could use more. Talon grips will help assuming they offer a set. Reliability was 100% for the first couple hundred rounds of 9mm ball. I didn't try any JHP yet. Overall seems like a solid buy, particularly considering the very low price. I've been pleasantly surprised so far.

Video for any interested:

0:01 Intro and unboxing
2:05 Stoeger STR-9 trigger is very good for the money
2:57 STR-9 trigger weight test compared to Glock 17 Gen 3
4:19 field stripping procedure for Stoeger STR-9, comparison to Glock internals
6:56 Putting the Stoeger STR-9 on the scale, along with Glock 17 and 19 weights
8:48 STR-9 3-dot sights paint not perfect
9:30 grip length comparison STR-9, Glock 17, Glock 19
10:55 Comparing slide and barrel length with Stoeger and Glocks
12:02 First shots on paper 7 yards, combat hold/center hold STR-9
13:20 Shooting steel with Stoeger STR-9 18 yards
14:12 rear sight and slide edges are sharp
15:40 STR-9 ergos are superior to Glock Gen 3, discussion of backstraps
16:30 texturing/stippling on STR-9 could be improved
16:56 STR-9 ambidextrous/swappable magazine catch
17:46 more shooting from different angle
18:52 Stoeger STR-9 more felt recoil than Glock 17 or 19
19:56 weighing STR-9 and Glock slide assemblies
21:15 Back-to-back shooting and recoil comparision Glock 17 and Stoeger STR-9
22:29 Conclusions, excellent value for the money (so far)
Have you shot it much since your review? I've been researching them and I have some birthday money laying around. With the $50 rebate running again I've been very tempted. It would be a range gun as I have plenty of others for carry. Spare magazines are not to be found at this time. That concerns me.
Not much shooting since the review; I mostly shoot revolvers lately. Still like playing with the gun and it feels very good in the hand.

Too bad they don't take Glock mags like all the other Glock clones out there.
I'm actually not super fond of Glock mags in actual use. They're bulkier than necessary and I don't like that they don't reliably drop free. But I would like to have a few extra magazines for this thing.
It looks like Joe Bob Outfitters has the 15 round magazines in stocks for $36.95. I have no experience with them.
Shooting illustrated did an article on one a couple years ago, the accuracy was amazing. At 25 yards it shot smaller groups than so many pistols costing 3 or 4 times as much did at only 15 yards. It's definitely on my short list of guns I want but don't really need.