Introduced some new shooters yesterday

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Oct 6, 2003
I can't even remember the last time I posted...

Of the people that know I like to shoot, they know that I always have a standing invite to go shooting if they want to go. My friend calls me up Sat. and says his girlfriend wants to go shoot and try a handgun for the first time. I loaded up some 9mm, made sure I had enough 22LR and figured he would want to try the .45 Colt and we headed out to the range yesterday.

Turns out that everyone except my wife really liked shooting the 9mm (Glock 17). My wife's hands and the Glock's grip were not a match made in heaven, she could not get a good grip on it. My friend's GF liked the 9mm better than the .22 (Walther P22), I think because she WAS able to grip the G17 a little better.

Other than being between 104-106 it was a good day, the ladies had a great time and I think I may have cost my friend $500 so he can buy a Glock 17 or 19 :)

On the rifle range, I shot my Mosin-Nagant 5 times and decided it was enough...I really need to get another rifle like an SKS. My buddy shot it 3 times...well SKS or Saiga. Some sort of centerfire that is cheap and I don't have to reload for.

Then we tested out the Chinese AK that we "gunsmithed" on Saturday. The front sight was canted really badly, so we drifted out the pins, adjusted the sight back to being inline with the barrel and receiver and just centered everything up.

Success. Needed some fine adjustment, and a very nice gentleman at the range let us borrow his AK sight pusher so it was at least in the "scoring" zone on the target.

Hard to think of any lows while out shooting but: 104-106 is hot. We luckily had shade and water. (were up at Eagle Peak). The other low is the setup of Eagle Peak itself. I don't mind their pistol range, but the rifle range is really way too restrictive...have to shoot seated and no FMJ ammunition on rifle range.

Question for the Austinites: I have only shot at Red's in P-ville and at Eagle Peak. I live on the NW side of town, but with how infrequently I actually make it out shooting (maybe once every 2 months) I wouldn't mind going out a little bit further. The Lone Star Rifle Range looks to be about an hour drive from my place...which isn't bad because Red's and Eagle Peak are already 1/2 hour. Any other good ranges which aren't too restrictive?
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well my buddy is now looking for a 9mm for his girlfriend, so I would call the range trip a huge sucess.
Good for you!

I also brought out a new shooter this weekend. I had the day off on Friday, so I went to the range. I invited my friend to go with me as weekdays seem to be optimal for introducing a newbie to guns because the range is much less crowded. I let him play with three guns, a Ruger 22/45, a CZ 452, and a Kimber Custom II. I started him out with the .22lr and then eventually worked him up to .45ACP. You should have seen the look on his face when he shot the Kimber, it was priceless.

The good thing about introducing people to shooting is that sometimes they end up wanting to buy their own guns. That's the case here. My friend wants me to go with him to the gun shop. I think I'm more excited than he is. I don't buy as many guns as I want and this way I can live vicariously through him. I know whatever he buys I'll be able to shoot.

The heat kept a lot of the people away so that helped. My friend covered the revolver front and I handled the semi-auto front.

My wife has shot the G17 before, but never really liked it. When the P22 was behaving she liked it.

I was happy to hear that his GF was pretty excited about it.
Great job, Wedge.

You are a true ambassador.
Thanks everyone. No pics, we didn't bring a camera and no one was looking very photogenic as we sweated out the 104-106F temps.

I always like getting people into shooting. I've brought maybe 5 or 6 first time shooters out (including my wife and her sister) and never had someone leave the range unhappy. The key for me is to only "worry" about safety, bring a lot of guns because there will be one that the new shooter will gravitate towards and to remember that this is supposed to be fun, not work.
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