Ithaca Model 37 Deerslayer

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Mar 1, 2009
Can someone answer this. After some really positive comments from you all regarding the Ithaca model 37 I went to my local pawn shop and put it on layaway. They had it marked at $349.00. I got them to let me have it for $300.00 out the door.
That means it cost me about $274.00 for the SG and then Uncle Sam's piece of the pie (TAX) brought it up to $300.00.

Turns out it's a Deerslayer model 37 not a Defender, which is what I really wanted. BUt for that price AND GREAT CONDITION it's in I figured layaway!

I understand it holds 4 +1 = 5 rounds but I'm not positive.
Can the mag tube be changed out to increase capacity on the model 37 Deerslayer?

Anyone have any experience with this specific model?

The serial number indicates that it was made in or around 1984 and it's stamped into the barrel "Made in NY"

All things said it feels great, swings like my model 12 Winchester and is in great shape.

Thanks guys!!
Deerslayers are awesome. I don't know of an extension available, due to the construction. Wicked accurate with slugs. You got a good deal on a fine gun. Well done indeed.
Extending the magazine would be an expensive job. Besides extending the mag tube itself and threading it for the end cap you would need to relocate the mount on the barrel.
Ithaca magazine changes

I guess there are times when it's just plain best, to leave something that's darn good alone! And that may very well be the case with regards to this model 37 Deerslayer I'll soon have under my roof.

I saw some photos of soldiers in Viet Nam and they were holding what the caption says were model 37 SG. But the mag tube was shorter than the barrel and they looked very much like the Deerslayer.

So if it's good enough for the men & women that served, than it's MORE than good enough for me! After all it's the blood, sweat and tears of those that have and will serve that make it possible for us to chat as we do, buy the firearms we want and speak as freely as we do.

GOD bless and please preserve the USA!!!
That’s a good price; I've been looking locally for one.

The last 37 I looked at was supposed to be a Deerslayer ended up being a 30” full choked model that the guy wanted $400. for and wouldn’t budge.
Great shotgun, as mentioned above its not worth trying to increase the capacity.

You can find one with a longer mag but being such a light shotgun the '37 becomes a bit of a nose heavy pig when loaded up in 7+1 configuration. They're one of the easier pumps to load quickly anyway so capacity isn't as critical as it is with some makes IMO.
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