Las Vegans Upset.New Shooting Park to Use Real Bullets!

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No, that was a different land deal. Actually, wasn't it Harry himself who profitted, rather than son Rory? I don't know, I really didn't pay much attention to it in the papers.

This shooting park was funded using the proceeds from auctions of other BLM parcels to developers who built masterplanned housing developments -- like the one 5,280 feet south of the shooting park.
I live about 2 miles from the site. I can't wait for it to open. I wanted to go to the meeting about this recently but work got in the way. I moved here 5 years ago and was aware of the site at the time we moved in. So these people who moved in after I did..... Well never mind. Not High Road....

Living in Nevada most of my life, I know that Las Vegas is loaded with kalifornians. They have been trying relentlessly to make Nevada into California east. I live up north, too bad they are not building somewhere by me.
Not all of us from California are like that. Some of us consider it escaping when we move to another state..
If you want to see draconian gun laws, look up the regulations in the City of North Las Vegas. You can't even drive through the city with a gun in your car (even if it is locked in a case and stashed in the trunk) unless you are on your way to an established shooting range or on your way to a hunt during hunting season. The laws in Boulder City are equally vexing; guns must be locked in a manufacturer's lockable gun case. Oh, your manufacturer didn't provide you with a lockable gun case? Tough beans, according to Boulder City Municipal Court.

You could preempt all of these regulations simply by having a CCW and carrying the gun on your person, right?
This is getting some press in Vegas.

A few extra bits, probably already been mentioned. There is shooting available in Clark County on BLM land, but there is a no-shooting zone outside of the city that extends out a few miles and there are lots of Government Park Land that prohibits shooting.

The range has been planned for years and years, and the homeowners justed never bothered to investigate what is going to be built around them. I see it as the usual lazyness of not investigating the area before buying and then not wanting to take responsibility for their own inaction. It could be noisy, but that is life. Kinda like moving to next to an area that is planed for an airport and then complaining about the airport when it is built. I think there is a new 7 am to 7 pm shooting law in the county though, but oddly enough, the criminals and gangs are not following this new law and still shot after 7 pm at night.
This shooting facility has been in the planning/construction process for several years. I'd be upset if they DIDN'T use live ammunition.

Now I have a new destination to exercise my pistol that I travel to Las Vegas with on vacations. Been to most of the indoor ranges (only care for a couple, like American Shooter Supply) on previous vacations.
I hope this gets completed, and soon.

I could use something else to do when I go to Vegas again on one of the Girl's business trips. :)
Now if they only had a travel lodge at the park, we would have a dream vacation spot. I dont care for the strip.
The American Psychological Association should add another phobia to their list that is to be termed "unusual" and "pathological".

REAGANOPHOBIA: Fear of conservative policies.

Oh yeah, back on topic:

The Las Vegas shooting range is using REAL bullets right? How shocking.
What if they find out that the range would probably use REAL guns as well?
Doc2rn, That sounds like a capital idea. Instead of taking bookings for tee times (like golf), have a sign-up for range time, after a complimentary breakfast (continental, buffet, or whatever). For those that want to take a break, complimentary coffee (or soft drinks). Afterwards retire to the cleaning room and get things ready for the next day. Of course, there would have to be a VERY comprehensive gun shop/repair facility/souvenier store togo along with the range and hotel/resort. Works for me.
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