LCP Max??

I like mine, the only criticism I have is that the opening above the trigger seem to want to pinch my finger on release.
I'll be a dissenting voice here. Not only did I have the trigger pinch issue, mine also gave me trigger slap.
It's been a long road; had an original LCP, then jumped to the LCP II and Max, for their more 'glockish' feeling trigger.
The II gifted me with a dead trigger, which Ruger remedied, but the trigger slap/pinch was a deal breaker.
As a PP did, went to a S&W Bodyguard instead, small as an LCP, a little more weight, no trigger slap from the longish DAO trigger. There's a manual safety, not needed for carry...the trigger is very deliberate, but it's handy for administrative stuff. Decent factory sights, easily changed to TruGlos. I'm good for 25 rounds, or more, without feeling much the worse for it. This was never true with the Rugers.
It rides in an Alabama pocket kydex.
As regards ammo prices, reload the .380s. At the moment, it's more cost effective to buy 9s, but reload .380s, .38s, and .32s. Carry ammo is Hornady XTPs, buy enough to prove the gun.
Price wise, how does .380 ammo compare to 9mm?

I looked while I was at a couple of shops yesterday, JHP ammo they are pretty similar. I did find some Federal white box 9mm 147grn JHP for $25. a box of 50. But most JHP runs close to $1(+) a round or so for a box of 25 for either caliber. I also found some Police department trade in ammo that was Hornaday Critical Duty (380acp) for $16 a box of 25.

Ball ammo you can see a bit more of a difference. 380Acp ball ran anywhere from $25 to $28 a box of 50. While 9mm ran from $14 (Blazer aluminum case) to $19 a box of 50. So you could see some saving on the ball ammo. But it would be less about the cost of ammo and more about the performance of the ammo that I would choose the 9mm over the 380Acp. But also like I said I still carry the LCP Max more often then not.