Let's see everyone's favorites

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Sep 21, 2018
Let's see everyone's favorites and stories to go with them . These are my personal favorites.
Top row left to right . A British commando dagger given to me as a gift from a former royal marine I met in England while visiting a lodge . A winkler hunter my first premium knife I bought for myself . Randall 15 that was carried by my father in Vietnam I had it restored and bought a new sheath , a winkler utility my wife bought me as a gift , snow and Neely Hudson Bay axe from when production returned to the USA. Second row a buck knife I bought as a loaner got tired of going hunting or camping and having my favorite knives abused . A cold steel hunter my first fixed blade knife my dad gave me for a young teen years bday gift and my edc carry knives a bench made, bench made , a hk/bench made auto and an original leathermen that has left my pocket since I have been 16


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My fav is this one that I made:


And these:

Depends on the task. Armored Farmer's knife would suit most all of my big game slaughtering jobs; a smaller fish/fowl knife for squirrels/rabbits, fish/birds. A larger knife or an axe for construction work. The knife I carried on my leg in RVN was a Herters Canadian knife that suited the situation. Am I slicing a rib roast? I have different favorite for that too.
A pair of OKCs:
The SP-50 Spearpoint Bowie competes with a Benchmade Arvensis for my primary fixed blade when I am out on the property or in the field. The RAT3 competes with a CRKT M21 folder for my EDC. Either way, I love my Ontarios.

A pair of CRKTs:
The M21 is my primary EDC folder. I love the blade profile. It is big, fast, and formidable. I've owned a lot of pocket knives but the M21 is the only one I have ever figured was perfect enough to replace when it was lost. I also have a fascination with daggers, so I need at least one in my possession. The dagger is a symbol of marital prowess to me. Most of my knives, like the M21, I value for their utility and versatility. The Sangrador I value for the opposite reason-- it is not a tool useful across a broad spectrum of tasks-- it is a specialized instrument, a weapon of war. Sangrador means "bleeder" in Latin. I have it in a sheath a friend and I made out of reshaping PVC pipe and someday plan to lash it to a plate carrier.

Give me a few minutes and I will post a picture of a couple of Benchmades I have fallen in love with...

The Arvensis rides in my EDC pack. It is light and lively and feels fantastic in the hand, and it's clip point blade is the right size to be useful for about everything. The auto was given to me by my brother when I graduated boot camp. I don't carry it much because it has sentimental value, and because I don't know if I could replace it if it was lost since I am no longer active duty.


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This old Greenaway probably gets the most use on a regular basis and has for about a quarter century or more. It's always in the rotation and carried or beside me on the table.

In the field I must admit there has been more variety when it comes to camp knives but a certain uniformity in styles does come through.

This Ralph Bone is the smallest of the group along with the smaller Kabar and Marbles but the larger Kabar and the Cattaraugus 225Q definitely qualify as multipurpose tools fit for everything from clearing brush, opening cans, prying or splitting and the deeper belly on the Cattaraugus definitely works better skinning than the large Kabar.

And for weak-side carry this Terzuola likely gets the most walkabout time.

Well beaten and hard used BK16.

It has been into the woods hiking, camping, backyard fire pit, construction/demo projects, kitchen use, etc... Basically there is no task that can be asked of a knife that this knife hasn't done. No real specific stories. Maybe the best one was when my buddy rolled his ankle pretty bad when we were in the woods a few miles from the car and losing daylight. I used this knife and a Silky Pocketboy to make a splint and crutch for him so we could beat feet back to the car before dark.

Is that a Marble's #45? I had one like it as a young lad ... (we used to vacation in the U.P. and my dad was a huge fan of local businesses such as Marble's).
Old Dog

Is that a Marble's #45?

I think so. It was my Dad's that he bought sometime in the early '50s from a local sporting goods store. It served him well for many years but when I came across it in their garage it had been relegated to cutting twine for bundling up sticks. It was in pretty poor shape by then so I traded him a new Ontario U.S.A.F. Survival knife for it (presumably to cut string with), cleaned it up, put a decent edge on it, and still have it, along with it's original sheath, in my collection.

Just caped and processed a muley buck with the Arvensis. The knife is fairly new to me-- I bought it on impulse about six months ago because it was so light and lively in the hand, and felt so good just to hold. It has been in my EDC pack since, but while I wear it when I am out in the woods, it hasn't seen a lot of use. I was a little concerned with how secure it would be with wet or slippery hands, since the G10 scales are very smooth. Well, I am pleased to announce the knife was a pleasure to work with. It felt good in the hand from a variety of positions and never slipped in the hand, even when hands were covered in water, blood, mud, and viscera. I am a big fan of the clip point for general utility use. It has a peircing point and enough belly in the tip to make it useful to slashing and cutting chores. I find it to be very versatile, which is why I choose it for my EDC pack-- it can cover everything from firewood to field dressing to defense. Here, too, the Benchmade did not disappoint. The Arvensis allowed for precision cuts with the tip yet still had the power to hack through the spinal column. It came shaving sharp, and still took hair off my arm when we were cleaning off the counters. I realize processing a deer isn't the most brutal task you can give a knife, but the Benchmade Arvensis is well made and capable.
I would have to say that this old KA-BAR is my favorite. It ain’t pretty, but that’s because it’s lived a hard life. I carried it most of my time in the Corps. It was alway at my side through good times and bad. It walked through Hell with me and helped me make it home. It’s more the just an old knife, it’s my friend.
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There's nothing special about my knives,just that I like them all.That's my story.


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EDC007-DSCF0967.JPG EDC015-DSCF0975.JPG Made myself a new EDC a little over a month ago and so far I'm really liking it. Forged from a jeep leaf spring, natural linen micarta handle. Has a 3 inch blade and the sheath is set up to be used with a clip in the winter when I'm switching layers around all the time, or a horizontal belt loop for warmer weather.
I posted an image of one of my custom knives. But then I actually looked through the thread and saw Gunny's. That got me to thinking. There is one that I'd likely never get rid of. Like Gunny's it's not pretty, but we have traveled far together.


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I have a 20yr old ka-bar and a 20yr old glock knife that have been well used. The ka-bar has seen the most use, from stirring and lifting pots on the fire, to setting lines on the river and stabbing gar, to trapping for furs.

Every day I carry an old case sod buster jr (perfect for a kansan eh) that was my pops. You can barely read the lettering on the blade. It gets used every day and always goes back in my right front pocket.

I have many others including case, Schrade scrimshaws, a fox knife, tops, knives of Alaska, bucks, brownings, and more. I tend to like fixed blade over folding except for pocket use.

My Case Sodbuster Jr. In it's natural environment lol
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I carry my 'frog sticker' on occasion. It's nothing more than a working knife, but its unique looking. It's a Tops Scalpel. The blade is 1/4" thick and not quite 3" long. I generally carry it horizontal above my butt in the provided friction sheath.

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