Lightest powder charge of Bullseye

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Dec 27, 2015
Need to load a light charge in 38 special for the wife. She will be shooting a S&W 2" model 60. I purchased some 148 grain plated wadcutters. Planning to use 2.1 grains of Bullseye. Looks like the very minimum charge that I can find. Does anybody think this is to light of a charge? Should I bump it up to 2.5 or 2.6 Grains? Thanks.
If they werent plated, id say try that 2.1 load. Id start with 2.5 since they are plated bullets(more friction, harder to push down the bore)
If you're trying to reduce recoil get some 100 gr wadcutters. Why risk a bullet stuck in the bore by using a too small powder charge.
Lyman's 45 edition shows 150gr lead at 2.0 as the minimum for 148gr is 10gr ligher so I guess that should work.

There is a disclaimer in one of my manuals somewhere that says this load is for snub nosed revolvers only and not to shoot it in anything longer than a 2"barrel.

Your shooting plated bullets that have more friction than lead so I would bump it up as well.

2.5gr sounds good to me also. Recoil will still be minimal.
I remember many, many,,,,years ago shooting PPC, and some of the guys were loading down to 1.7 Gr. of Bullseye, but it always scared me and I stuck with 2.7. I never saw anyone have a problem with the lighter load, but too light for me.
If you're looking for the lightest recoil possible, take a look at Rim Rock's 80 grain wadcutters. Don't know that you will find Bullseye data, but a call to Alliant may get you some data. Or use the Hodgdon data for one of their powders with a 90-grain bullet and work up to where you want to be.
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