Missouri PPC#2 38 Spl Wadcutter Load?

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Jun 14, 2010
Hello everyone...

Got me some Missouri PPC #2 38 Special 148 grain Wadcutter bullets now and I'm getting ready to load some up with Bullseye powder.

Was looking at the Lyman and a few other books and seen that starting grains is around 2.6 to 2.8 starting.

Anyone here load 38 special this bullet with bullseye?

The standard load for PPC for many, many years has been the load suggested in the Lyman manual. If you go with the middle of that range, you'll be perfect. Just make sure you don't double or triple charge the case, or pieces of revolver will fly all over the place.

Hope this helps.

Bullseye powder and 38 wadcutters are a tandem not excelled for the better part of a hundred years in the firearms world. Bumping it up a few tenths from 2.8 might help accuracy too.
What is the powder charge u use for those bullets for bullseye?

Do you get leading going up a few tenths to like 2.9 or 3.0 grains of bullseye?
I like to shoot that same bullet in a 4" 686. We shoot at clays on a dirt berm at 25 yards and its a wicked accurate bullet in every loading. In a .38 case I use either 2.7gr of bullseye, and I seat to the crimp groove, not flush, or I use 2.9gr of AA#2, same OAL. I also load that bullet in a .357 case at 3.1gr of bullseye and 3.2gr of AA#2. All of these loads are more accurate than I can be.
stodd - my notes are in the garage, but I believe it's right around 3gr (that's what my Lee discs throw). I have no problems with leading at all in my smith model 15. I do have the adjustable charge bar and I could drop it lower, theoretically, but what I am doing works just fine.

The starting load of TG has noticibly more snap - keep in mind the BE load has almost none, so even though there is more it's not bad at all.

Don't know if that helps, but if your powder measure will drop that 2.6-2.8, it'll be fine. If it drops a little more, Alliant actually recommends the start of 3.0. Cross-check your manual and go for it.

Thanks Quoheleth...

I've looked at the lymans manual starting at 3.0 and another manual i have hornady i think and it has a starting at 2.6 of bullseye. So i've loaded up 5 round each at 2.9 and 5 at 3.0 and will see how that works.

Was just trying to see what others were doing with grains of bullseye with this missouri bullet since there was alittle bit of a difference in grains from manual to manual. Didn't want to get a bullet stuck in the barrel or anything..
THE bullseye match load for about the last 75 years has been 2.7 grains Bullseye / 148 wadcutter.

It has brought home more gold then the 49ers pack mules.

I've got a whole big box full of trophies won with that load back when I was shooting PPC. It's hard to beat, and like RC says, it's been around for a long, long time.

When PPC shooting was the rage in the 1970's and early 80's, many people experimented with different loads, but always came back to the standard 2.7 grain load.

Hope this helps.

Boxes and boxes of trophies, and several National Record certificates hanging on the wall(s). Substitute the 148 wadcutter with the 158gr SWC, and ditto, too!!

Add to that, a number of guns in the gun room won with those loads.

Yeah, Bullseye is sooty from the graphite deterrant coating.

But I prefer "clean scores" to clean bores!
So does any one have a pet load for MBC 148 grain PPC#2 using HP-38/win 231? Its what I have on hand right now.
Thank you in advance!
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