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Mr. Creosote

Mar 22, 2009
SF Bay Area
Reciently I came across a .300 Savage 99 and I want to start reloading for it. I have been loading .308s and have plenty of IMR 4895 and Hornady 150gr SSTs. For all you .300 Savage 99 loaders, What are you fav powders and bullets for it? What kind of loads have you worked up? It seems to be a sweet rifle!.. smooth, plenty if power and seems capable of great accuracy. Has a nice vintage feel to it also. Thanks in advance.
My cousin and I both have mod 99's in 300 savage. Both of the rifles are tackdrivers when used with a 180 GR jacketed bullet and Accurate 2015 at 200 YD. The balistic silvertip and plain old corelokt both work really well. At first the results were dismal then switching from 150 to 180 GR made a huge improvement as it cut the group size in half.I load just above min load and that is most accurate in my rifle.
My Father has a 300 savage. I bought the Dies to reload it for him. He hasn't shot it since he used to hunt deer.

This is my exact situation too. My old man has the Savage 99 in 300 savage but since I have got the dies he has not gone out shooting with me. I shot it 5 times the other week with factory and was fairly impressed how accurate it was, especially considering it hasn't been shot for almost 2 years. I gave it a thorough cleaning a month ago though. Just can't get my old man out to shoot with me to accumulate some brass. Love the gun, just don't like how difficult the thing is to clean thoroughly. I wouldn't dare breaking the thing down due to the rotary magazine.
I use RamShot Big Game with a CCILR Magnum (CCI250) at 44.1grains under a Hornady 150g SSTBT with a COAL of 2.600.

Savage .300 99R Breakdown (1936)
I just caution you not to push heavy loads, as the action will spring a little
Pay heed to NCsmitty's advice above.

You will get case head separations after only two or three loadings with max loads.

Dont worry, I have no intention of hammering this rifle to death with heavy loads. I reloaded a few this weekend. 100 rounds, some at 38 and some at 38.5 gr of IMR 4895. C.O.A.L 2.598. This was with Hornady 30 Cal 150 GR SP. Thanks for the replies.
In case anyone's interested in some .300 Savage brass, I put some up for sale on the trader.
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