Savage 99 in .300 Savage cast lead plinking load needed

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Forgot to add the photo of the first groups and the loaded round and the MBC 135 gr cast. These were shot resting my elbows on the shooting bench, no bag or rest. I will do some additional accuracy testing with bag and rest soon.

300 savage plinking load target 1.jpg
thanks Scooter22. 35 yards. For a first whack using Trail Boss and just resting elbows on bench I thought it was at least as good as I was expecting. Especially for an old guy and a 60+ year old rifle. This rifle shoots very good groups with my Hornady 150 SST Hunting load. The below target is 100 yards shot while developing the load a few years ago.
300 savage 40.5 Varget.jpg
I've used Blue Dot for reduced loads in a bolt action 308 Win. my load is 16 gr of BD with a Nosler 125 gr BT and F- 210 primers I don't recall the COL. The accuracy surprised me with groups 3/4 to 7/8" at 100 yrds.
The load density is about 45% so a double charge is possible, The big pain with reduced loads is they require some serious elevation an windage adjustments.
A big plus for this reduced load is it is clean and cool, little barrel heat and minimal barrel fowling.
joneb I do have some Blue Dot that I picked up during the shortages a few years ago and used a little for .44 magnum loads. I might look for additional data there but I think the Trail Boss will work for me with these bullets in this gun. you mentioned clean with your BD load and I should have mentioned how surprised i was with how clean the Trail Boss load was. No excessive smoke and after shooting around a dozen rounds the barrel had no unburned powder or appearance of leading. I could be the MBC plated bullets helped with lake of smoke and leading also.

Scooter Those Hornady 150 grainers made for .300 Savage seem to work very well in these old rifles. I picked up a couple of boxes just to have on hand. Hopefully this old rifle will take game for another generation after me and wanted to have bullets available.
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