300 Savage Hand loads

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Pine Cone

Jan 4, 2007
Western Washington
Does anyone out there load 300 Savage? I just picked up a Savage 99 in 300 Savage and commercial loads are very limited. The gun seems to shoot well, but factory loads will bankrupt me quick! The cheapest I have found is $22.50 for 20 rounds. If I want I can pay up to about $30 for 20 rounds.

At that price I can't afford to shoot it...

Anyone have any favorites or advice about best bullet/powder combinations? I'm relatively new to reloading and have only loaded for .38 special and .357 magnum so far, but the dies for 300 savage should arrive this week. I'm interested in loads that would work for deer and elk in Western Washington.
Try some RL-15

I'm using 165gr Hornady flat-base Interlock bullets. Anywhere from 40-43 grains RL-15.
43 grains is one grain under book max for the 300 Savage.

Data is from the Speer Manual.

Thanks for the advice. Do you crimp the bullet? I will be using Lee dies and noticed that the Speer FAQs don't recommend a crimp unless the bullet has a groove.
Hi Pine Cone I reload for my Sav. 99 in 300 Sav. I use 40.0 Grs. Reloader#15 and either the Hornady Interlock 150 Gr. SST & the same in FB style bullet I average 1" or less groups at 100 yds with this combo. I also use Winchester & Remington brass and CCI BR-2 primer. I do give mine a light crimp with the Lee factor crimp die, If the bullet doesn't have a cannalure you can use the Lee factory crimp die anyways it makes it own on bullets that don't have one works for me.
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Keep an eye on your brass.
The rear-locking Savage 99 action is kind of springy, and brass life will not be the greatest.

Pine Cone if you like a low recoil budget round to shoot in your 300 Savage you can load a 155 Gr. gas check hardcast bullet with Reloader #7 or several other available powders I give about $45 for 500 gas checked bullets. I use the loading data from the Lyman #48 Manual.
Its been awhile since I shot my mid 1940's 99 Savage.
My load records show 41 grains of IMR 4064 with 150 Grain Speer Hot core Spire Point. Federal 210 primer, it will work on Big Georgia deer just fine.
My practice load was A 147 grain military FMJBT with the same powder charge.
I have small base dies, and brass has held up well.
My cartridge overall length with the FMJ was A trifle longer then spec, COL 2.62/667MM they fed fine if you work the lever with A snap.
With my 2X Weaver scope I'd get 1.5 inch 3 shot groups at 100 yards.
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