Long Range Rifle/Scope/PRS question(s)

I’m wondering how much the crazy stuff of 2020 crazyflu effected the definite lack of timeliness.

It no doubt had some effect but can’t explain all of it. The NRA’s competitions division has a history of not managing the administrative side very well. The CMP does a much better job, in my opinion.
K, so … my first post in this thread, aside from newbie questions & inane chatter. I guess I’ll take those first steps towards precision shooting. Today was an absolutely gorgeous day at the range, 75* and partly cloudy. I spent a little time with my 10/22 and RAR (standard), for fun & to empty mags.

Then I set up my target 🎯 at 50 yards and loaded up some CCI SV that I had grabbed.


My Dad bought approximately 8 gazillion rounds of bulk-grade, high velocity ammo over the years, and this apple didn’t fall far from that tree, so shooting standard velocity ammo, and actually paying attention to how it performed, was something new for me.

The first group was actually shot without the suppressor. I figured I would get some kind of baseline that way. I took the pic of the rifle later. Five 10-shot groups at 50 yards off a bipod and a rear rest that consisted of a block of wood wrapped in carpet. (Don’t laugh. They’re free to use at the range.)


I shot the second group with my Dead Air Mask. Five more 10-shot groups.


I remembered to pay attention to the wind today. I also noticed, for the first time in my life, that at one point, the wind was blowing from my left, but it was blowing to the left at the target!

From what I can tell, The Rat is capable of more than I am at this point. I may consider improvements (like bedding the action) at some point, but I need to catch up with my rifle a little first.

Also, I have another 500 rounds of CCI SV and 500 of Aguila SV on the way. Once that arrives, I’ll shoot those side by side and see what she likes.

Once I was done with the “real” shooting, and just for trigger time, I shot some of the garbage ammo I had on hand. As it turns out, my 10/22 didn’t run 60-year-old .22 Longs all that well. Go figure.

And I couldn’t help but think of @Kleanbore when I loaded up these. Out of 47 rounds left in the box, I had 3 failures to fire. Otherwise, they ran just time.
I’m on limited duty after cataract surgery Wednesday, but can still do “light” projects in a clean environment, not to mention it wasn’t sweat pouring off of me hot this AM, so I installed the new Proof 6 Dasher barrel.

Then I put the barreled action back in the Matrix chassis.
Then the scope, which was still in the rings.
I’m still working on getting the brake cleaned up, it’s soaking again.

I’m really liking finally having my shop 99% up and running after all these years. It’s a big upgrade from the 12 by 20 shed I had in town.
when I had the barrel chambered for this 6BR- I had 2 done back to back cuts, so that way when the first one goes, I have a second one ready to go.
I did the same for my 6 dasher as well.
I've narrowed my maker/contour down on my 2 competition rifles, so it's not a huge jump for me.
No, haven't done anything with it yet, other Dasher.

So, Jeff overslept, so we ended up meeting at my work instead of my house, and I left my phone there in my FJ. Jeff took a few pics and just sent them to me.

We walked up as they were starting to shoot, so on time by the hair of our chinny chin chins.

I was 25th out of 56, so I did not embarress myself, but I had rust and it was a difficult course of fire. Top shooter had 80 hits, I had 34. Jeff came in 6th with 60 hits.
Fussed all day, as I kept telling him it was a tough course and he was doing just fine.......

I hit the extra large IPSC at 1048 yards 1 out of two shots. I hot the Kangaroo (big) one out of two at 925 yards. The huge bear was at 1059 yards and folks were muttering about 2 mills from center, left edge of butt (wind form butt to nose). I started a half mil off of his butt to the left, shot hits another bears length in front of him, elevation near perfect, so I adjust and miss the nose by a couple inches according to the spotter, and what it looked like to me as well. The first shot was so far right from point of aim everybody was like "crazy!"..... Lucky me. :)

A rough day shooting, but lots of fun. The last stage we shot was targets from the very far right to the very far right of the field, 600 plus yards easy, but that one was fun.

We shot some Sasquatches hiding in the bushes that I had a lot of trouble seeing, made a two.....Sigh. We shot a no support prone stage at 410 yards, tough on these old bones, hit the first three, got tired, missed three, then timed out. 3 was a good score it turned out though.

We had three 12 round stages in a row, one of which we had to move after each shot. Yikes! One was only one move, but targets were tiny.

Shot the Impact in the Matrix Chassis, both of which I love, with the Steiner TX5i 5-25X56, a scope which I like a lot. Dope was good all day, so that was very satisfying. Misses were timing out, or not stable enough, or bad wind calls. All me, gun/load/data was superb.