Love for the M&P 9 Compact

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Jun 17, 2007
I just have to reiterate how great this little pistol is. I went to the range last friday to break in my new CZ P-07, and since the little M&P is my daily carry, and it had been a few weeks since I'd been to the range, I took it with me to shoot a few rounds and make sure everything was still functioning properly.

So spent quite a while with the P-07 - compact polymer DA/SA - a great pistol but completely different from the M&P. Picked up the M&P to empty the carry magazine - first five shots of speer gold dots 124gr +p were straight down the middle. The rest were not far off that mark. It just reminded me just how easy this gun is to shoot and shoot well, especially for a compact, and switching from a completely different sight set up and trigger, it was a flawless transition. Ran through several more magazines of mixed ammo without a hiccup. Love the P-07 by the way - great gun, but for those on the fence about which 9mm sub-compact to choose, I love my M&P 9c - pictured here with my wife's glock 26.

I'm sold on the M&P line. Seems to me like the folks at S&W really did their homework. I used my 9C to qualify for my CCW permit last year. No sweat - it's a straight shooter and SO easy to handle well.
I would like a 9c, but first a M&P .45 medium, then the 9c.

Glad to hear it's a keeper. Don't see any 9c in the LGS these days.
I love my M&P9c it is incredibly accurate for such a short barreled handgun. I think my mepros look sexy on it as well.
I bought one recently and find it easy to shoot well.

I've only put about 130 rounds through it. Works perfectly. The one jam was due to a deformed cartridge. Check your ammunition these days.
I shot better with my 9c the first day I took it too the range than I ever have with my 1991 Glock 17. The ergonomics and everything else are that good. 12+1 rounds of 9mm is a holster-full of firepower...concealable firepower. Very easy to CC. I carry without the finger extenstion which, while nice, doesn't really seem to make a big difference either way...and I have a biggish hand. The finger extension is just a different floorplate and all the flush mags have 12 round capacity too.
I have a M&P 9MM compact and the 40 cal. also, great guns. Had a FT feed problem with cheap ammo on both when they were new. Polished the ramps and never had another failure.
I'm glad to hear the good feedback on the M&P series.

I just ordered a new M&P 9mm with night sights and three mags.

Can't wait to get her!
congrats on the purchase Coltman - you won't be disappointed - I have a full size in .40 in addition to the 9c and they are both great. Just be on the look out for spare mags for the full size 9mm - they can be hard to come by.
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