Low profile auto reset rifle target


Sep 30, 2005
I have other stuff to do but after a couple decades outside my homemade "Jrue" target was looking a little crusty and I decided to clean it up and thought it would be a good time to convert it away from lead acid and to my portable tool batteries. Outside for that long is hard on anything.


A little washing, little paint and a little grease and shes ready for another 20 years. Note the angle iron "blast shield" for the bolt heads and how far splatter has bent it over!


That grab handle is also a protector of the delicate stuff, holes to stake it down if needed.


It has been very reliable though, lots better than chain or fire hose but a lot more work to throw it together. It was still working but now it looks better to throw lead at...


If the photos don't make much sense, this is how it works (no music, 3min).

That's pretty cool.

Here is a 22LR resetting target that the local engineering students and I put together 20240221_060501_resize_36.jpg

Each target has a switch so when they all fall down, the motor starts and reset the targets.
It uses a cam mechanism, and limit switches similar to your setup.

I have added a transmitter and receiver from an RC toy to another one for resetting.