M&P9 - anyone like?

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May 11, 2009
Back in Seattle
There are some good prices flying around for this thing right now. I dont know if I'll have money for another gun anytime soon but when I do I want to buy a feel good, easy to use 9mm. I kinda decided against Glock as my first a while back and have been looking at FNH and others since. Who has fired the S&W M&P9? What are your opinions and how fun is it to shoot?
I have one, with tuneup and sights by Dan Burwell that shoots well.
I don't know what you mean by "fun" though. It is so far my preferred IDPA SSP versus Glock and others, so it is fun to shoot a good score.
It's great, ergos work well for me, dead-reliable, affordable, and accurate. I did a trigger job on it based on Burwells instructions. It pretty simple for the mechanically inclined and it's a big improvement. M&P9 Pro is next on my list. I have it in 45c as well also with trigger mod.
The M&P platform - S&W offers 3 different 'bacstraps' for varying the
grip shape for individual preference. S&W states polymer
frame with melonite finish to a hardness of 68 RC. -and- all
stainless steel internal parts or where metal is used for reinforced
impact areas.

I have shot a friend's G19 several times, recently shot a full size
M&P .40. I prefer the M&P to a Glock for the grip shape, trigger
action/pull, controls, and sights.

I got a full size very recently. I had been thinking it over for months. The ergos work for me and the S&W lifetime warranty helped. I lean against Glocks because I shoot lead reloads and have no desire to buy extra barrels.

I have shot a few of them in 45 and 9. The only issue I have seen is having them spit the cases back in your face/chest/head. The 3 I have shot have been very accurate out to 20 yards.
I Like It

Been shooting one (M&P 9mm full size) for a few years and I like it a lot. I've put some pretty lousy ammo through it and it chews through without issue.

I have found it to be accurate, reliable, and comfortable to shoot. My wife likes it as well.
I love mine, I won 1st place expert in my IDPA league this year with it. I have been shooting it for 2 years now and it is awesome!
I had the trigger done by a S&W armorer , and installed a Dawson fiber optic front sight.
It is my IDPA gun, and the one I leave for my wife if I am away [because it is so easy to shoot]
There are several guys in my league shooting various m&p's and they are well liked.
Mine has been accurate,reliable, and comfortable as well. Never had any problems with it, its fun to shoot, not to bad to carry. Im very pleased with it and choose it over a Glock 9mm.
i don't own one but i have shot them and i like them alot. if the xd didn't exist then my first choice in polymer gun would probally be the m&p. they have also had good reviews from some of the top trainers in the country too. IIRC Vickers shoots one.
My roommate's has been flawless, except for when he runs hard-cast reloads through it (though that may be attributed to the reloads more than the gun).

If I was going to get a plastic 9mm, of the options out there on the market right now, the S&W M&P9 would be my choice.
I've never shot the 9mm but I own a M&P 40 and love it. The factory trigger was a bit (ok a lot) harsh but after some work at Burwell's it is by far the best trigger on any firearm I own. It fits my hand perfectly and I shoot better with it than any other pistol I have ever handled. It has yet to have a malfunction of any sort.
I have an M&P9c and a .357sig. I bought the first (9c) for concealed carry, but I shoot it better than my Glock 21, or my Kimber. I love the hard hitting .357sig and the full size platform of the M&P. I too want a full size in a 9mm. Can't go wrong.
I have the full size M&P in .40 and I carry it every day and love it. Great accuracy, great feel. My only complaint is that holsters can be a PITA to find but that is getting better with time. Also a fail amount of the Glock 21 holsters will work as long as they are not too custom.

One of my next guns is probably going to be an M&P in 9mm likely the compact.
I have a 9c, 9FS, 40c, and 40FS... all are 100% reliable, great fit and finish, great ergonomics due to interchangeable backstraps, and accurate. In striker-fired pistols, they're about as good as you can get. The 40c is my small carry pistol.
I prefer the M&P to a Glock for the grip shape, trigger
action/pull, controls, and sights.

Ditto. Liked it better than the comparable XD too.

Have the fullsize, with thumb safety. I've got about 500 rounds thru mine now, with no FTF's (new shooter, so it's pretty forgiving).

My first gun, liking it alot. I just added Crimson Trace grip today, been dry-firing it, and cant wait to take it to the range tomorrow.

Can I ask what people are having done when they get the trigger's worked on? (I have my CPL & I plan on purse carry with mine.)
I loved mine so much that I bought 4 more... Just like Lay's potato chips, you can't shoot just one. :)

M&P40 FS
M&P357 FS
M&P9 Pro Series (x2)
I highly recomend them,Ive owned and shot glocks and shot sprigfield xD and several others this is my favorite plastic pistol,nothing against the others the M&P fits me and it shoots very well.my wife shot it well from day one.I bought it for Idpa and my first time out with it was a classifier and I made sharp shooter,I was previously unrated.
Ive never had a failure of any kind to date with factory or hand loads.
I bought a 9 compact, and enjoyed the pistol, but moved up to a M&P 45. Still have the 9, though. The M and P is an excellent platform.
I have one in the compact form/factor. There's only one other gun in my collection which I like better in that size and it's an H&K P2000sk. Smith and Wesson got the M&P right in so many ways it's amazing.
I like everything except for the crunchy trigger, the way the brass cases catch on the lip of the magazines when you load the first round and that stupid mag disconnect I accidently bought. Other than that it is a great gun. I still prefer the Glock 19 over it. It is my wife's favorite gun.
I have the 9c and its one of the smoothest, most reliable, and accurate guns I've every handled. I wouldn't change a thing about it. I've carried it daily for a few years and fired thousands of rounds through it. It still looks, feels, and shoots like brand new.
I really like my M&P 40. I too carry a full sized 40. It's lightweight, has a smooth trigger after you break it in, is easy to clean, and is stupid reliable. I have about 4000 rounds through mine with no problem whatsoever. The trigger pull is a bit lighter than a glock, but has a bit longer reset.
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