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Mainspring Housing Texture

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by carnaby, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. carnaby

    carnaby Member

    Feb 25, 2004
    Bellingham, WA
    I have a TRP that needs a new mainspring housing. My current one is an Ed Brown with a smooth finish. I bought it a while back, when funds were tight, and went as cheap as I could go. Now, years later, I've given up on it because it's too slippery in my hand. I really need a textured MSH.

    Now the question: I want to stick with Ed Brown, and I like the less serrated look/feel of the snakeskin and chainlink options, but I'm worried that they won't provide enough grip. Anyone have these who can comment on how well they help with grip? I'm sure anything is better than smooth. Thanks :)
  2. Oro

    Oro Member

    Sep 22, 2007
    WA state
    A couple of thoughts I have on this subject that might be helpful:

    1) If you have troubles with grip on the backstrap, maybe try an arched vs. flat shape as well as getting a textured one.

    2) Tried the "chain link." It seemed more a fashion statement than practical. Didn't really improve the grip.

    3) Haven't tried their snakeskin, but it looks like it would work better. It looks like a copy of the older Pachmayr rubber MSH pattern. Now those are awesome.

    4) Smooth works for many people; but you need to not have really sweaty hands and a firm-fore aft grip.

    5) Many fine-checkered ones are just too much; with a proper grip they bite like a viper. Looks good on paper, not so good at the range.

    6) One of the best "all around' types I think is the vertical serrations like Colt's came with for ages, and many models still do. These are the ones with vertical serrations only, no horiontal cuts making them fully checkered. S&W and many other use this pattern on the backstrap of their guns, too. Very good all-around texture.

    7) While for years I was biased against the plastic ones, the Colt ones really work well by providing just a bit of recoil absorption (via deformation), and they don't wear the bluing off rapidly like everything else out there. The Colt ones also have the vertical serrations - Kimber and others are checkered and bite more.

    8) Given all that, among the Ed Brown products, I don't know of any I'd recommend highly unless you want to give the snakeskin a shot and hope the edge scallops aren't too sharp.

    If you want to try the arched shape (and you want blued), pm me as I have an arched serrated steel one you could try; I'll swap you for your flat smooth one you don't like.
  3. Quack

    Quack Member

    Jan 31, 2003
    Cleveland, OH
    haven't tried the chain-link, but i do have a Kobra Carry with the snakeskin. it grips pretty well, but still isn't as grippy as 20LPI checkering.

    IIRC, this is the order of grip
    chain link
    snake skin
  4. Clarence

    Clarence Member

    Apr 19, 2008
    I have an Ed Brown Special Forces with the chain link. I've had it for a little over a year and have put a little over 7k rounds through it in that time. Personally I like the chain link quite well. It is plenty grippy enough without tearing up your hand. I'll typically shoot 250-300 rounds per session and I find it to work well. Some of the checkered ones will tear up my hand if I shoot them that much at a time.
  5. David E

    David E Member

    Aug 3, 2008
    If you're handy with a punch or air hammer, you can texture your smooth one to the degree of "bite" you're after.
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