Make & Model?

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Feb 7, 2008
Western Missouri, south of liberty

I've been trying to locate one of these (see picture) but I can't remember the make or model of the rifle. I believe it's chambered for the Win 30-30 cartridge; and, it's obviously a vintage rifle from a second tier manufacturer. I'm thinking, guessing really, Mossberg, Ithaca, Stevens, etc.

Anyone know the answer? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks all

Savage model 45 super sporter.

im not that smart, or that old, google did it.

I also REALY want one of those for some reason.
"...REALLY want one of those for some reason..." Bolt action .30-30's tend to have tack driving accuracy. Been kicking myself for eons for not buying the Model 340 I saw years ago in a Sears warehouse when they were selling 'em off.
The Savage M45 should have 'Savage' stamped on the receiver. Supposedly introduced in 1928 and made until 1948. Or 1940 or 1942 depending on who you ask.
Thanks alot, everyone! Now at least I know what I'm looking for. I think that gun in the picture went for three or four hundred. I might be wrong on that.
And, I might add, I really like the new software for posting pics.
Im actually bidding on an 06 version on gunbroker right now....ya see whacha did???!!!!???
LoonWulf: Don’t blame me; I didn’t do it! I think you were predisposed.

Now that I can put a name to the gun (thanks again) I’ll be looking for other examples. I saw a couple of 30-06s, a 300 Savage and a 32-20 maybe; but I think I’ll hold out for the 30-30. There’s just something about a 30-30 in a nice, handy, vintage gun. So, good luck on you’re bidding; I won’t be bidding against you.

As an after thought, how does that action handle a 30-06? Do they beef up the action for a higher-pressure cartridge? Usually you see that action using older, vintage, low-pressure rounds.

Lol, i dint get the feeling you were looking for one of these with swiss cheese receiver :p

From my reading its not the same action as the 340 series of rifles, this one runs two rear locking lugs, and is actually a pretty beefy gun.
Im still not planning on running anything hot thru it, the loads in its era i believe were a 150 at about 2700-2800fps.

neat article, with some decent LOOKs like some one crammed the gun into a 340 series stock....
I wouldn't hold out too long for a 30-30, these rifles were only produced for 12 years. 1928-40. there are damn few of them left, in any caliber! They were made on 250-3000, 300 savage, 30-30 and 30-06. The 250 and the 30-30 came with 22" barrels, the other two with 24" tubes. They had two locking lugs which engaged the receiver just ahead of the bolt handle, which acted as a safety lug. In "Bolt Action Rifles" Frank De Haas mentions them in passing. He has little to say about them, either good or bad, because he had never touched one.! They are uncommon to say the least. He does list the discontinuance date as 47. Nineteen years is still a rather short production run.

I hav a few guns that I consider "Holy Grail" guns This rifle is one of them, along with the 1920 sporter. Google THAT one and be prepared to drool....
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