Marlin 336 vs Revelation 200

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Oct 2, 2011
I've been looking for an older 30-30 without the safety for a while and found a 336w locally JM stamped. Looks to be in great shape from the pictures. So I got in touch with the gentleman selling it and he sent me a few more pics. He also added a pic of a Revelation model 200, saying it was the same as the 336.

I did a quick search and read that most differences were purely cosmetic as they were made by marlin. Is this true? And does anyone know the difference in value?

He's asking 400 for the 336 and 320 for the revelation. They both look to be in excellent shape, so are either a good deal? Is one a better deal? Thanks in advance
I thought Revelation was an old sub-brand of Mossburg (?), sold (exclusively?) through Western Auto, an old auto parts company that was bought years ago by Advanced Autoparts (I believe). If this is true, I don't know why a Revelation would resemble a Marlin..

Sorry about the uncertainties, but I'm trying to give you a speedy reply from what I think I know. I have an old Revelation shotgun downstairs that I know my grandfather bought from an Advanced Auto in Mansfield, PA around 30 years ago. I think I remember reading somewhere that Mossberg took guns like their Model 500, cheapened the manufacturing process, and sold them at bargain prices through their sub-company Revelation.

Take most of this with a grain of salt. I will say, despite being a "cheaper" Mossburg 500, the only problem my Revelation has is really thin bluing. No reliability issues. At the end of the day, there is little to no collectors market for the Revelation and the Marlin will come out on top. $400 may be a good deal on the Marlin but age and condition will be a big factor for that. As for the Revelation, it seems maybe a little high but again.. they're only worth what you're willing to pay.

I wouldn't say either is a great bargain, but the Marlin could potentially be a good buy.

Good luck on your purchase!
The W should have A hardwood stock ( I think) instead of walnut. If it does not have the bullseye in the stock it is hardwood. All things equal in condition. I would buy the revelation. After negotiating on price of coarse.
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