Midway has 9mm SD ammo in stock

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WoW...a buck a round and it looks like you have to buy it in 500 pack quantities. I'll pass. I was able to get a box of 50 Aguila 147gr FMJ Flat Point the other day for $21.00...I don't think I want to go any higher than that.
I didn't say it was a good deal just that they had it. At one point you could buy 50 round boxes. SD ammo has been .75 to a buck for a year now if I recall correctly, but round nose used to be at .15 and it is up to .60-.70
I look at it this way; I have NEVER minded paying a premium for a dedicated defense or hunting round.

Practice, play, recreation.... Those are all different stories.

Like with my gas, I have paid obscene amounts for off-road octane because its use warrants it.

I buy stupidly expensive Filson gear because the *reasonably priced* alternatives disappoint me.

Buck or so a round to defend me & mine? I see NO issue at that price.

I hope it continues to fall but don't mind the price all the same if it's a round I trust completely.

I'm glad it's available for those who need it, or are willing to pay that much. Looks like I'll be reloading for quite awhile.
Just got an email Midway has 50 rounds of imisystems jhp for $44

I posted in case anyone else needed. I have never shot it and I have enough SD ammo for me and mine. as well as HP Bullets to reload if needed.
T&D ammo is supposed to be just as good as the other big name hollow point ammo. Haven't tried it myself though.
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