Midway has 22 LR in stock.

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No bargain there unless you're paying $75 a brick at the gun shows......since the limit is one brick per customer, shipping and handling is the winner of that deal.
Hey at least Midway gets a chance to sell some of that crap nobody would buy before. More money for the NRA roundup anyway.

Thanks for the heads up.
I never said it was a bargain, it's for people that might need a brick and is half the price of a lot of other sites. Plus I wouldn't mind sending money to Midway because of the e-mail they sent recently and how they operate.
$33.99 for 500 isn't a horrible price. Perfect for someone who's ordering some parts etc.. They could just add a brick to their order.
Thanks, I had it loaded into the cart with some parts and thought I would research a little first. I will delete it.
Subsonic? Somebody dug out of a closet somewhere.

The situation will eventually improve. Patience.
I went ahead and ordered some, my Savage MK II will shoot it fairly decent. It's the only ammo from Remington that I will even touch and I have not seen .22lr since Sandy Hook so I figured Midway deserved my money more than local yokels.

Thanks for the heads up.
I just picked up 3 - 500 round bricks of CCI Blazer today at Fleet Farm. I put my name in at CS and they called out of the blue today saying it was in. $19.99 per brick. They called last week for a brick of Winchester Wildcat. I have never had good luck with the remington ammo for 22lr. Still have my name in for some other 22lr ammo and some 9mm ammo. Maybe I will get lucky again next week.
When they get Remington Golden .22s back, say by the 1400 bucket, I'll get one for my AACK .22 unit on my Glock 26. Down to my last 550 brick now so maybe some will be in before I run out!

Gunbot showed this deal to me at .07/round, but since there is a 1 brick limit and over $15 for shipping, I deleted it. Not a horrible deal given today's circumstances, but I've got a couple bricks left to go through before I drop $50 on a brick of Remington's.
Should function in most semi autos. It is only 2gr less weight and 20-30 fps slower than standard velocity ammo. If your 22 is designed to run off of standard velocity ammo (in addition to high velocity 1260fps), then it should run fine. Works in my Marlin 795.

Now, that said, I don't much care for Remington 22's. Finally got through my last 2 bricks of "golden bullets", should be called "golden crap". Very inconsistent velocity.
Fifty bucks after shipping for rotten ammo. No thanks.

I am encouraged though to see something finally so thanks for posting, OP.
WOW--times have changed
5 months ago picked up 525 Federal bulk for $22at my local gun shop.
There has never been an ammo salesman better than Obama
Folks, this is regular target/match speed ammo (almost all of which is subsonic). This should function fine in almost all semi-autos and may be more accurate than high-speed ammo in most. If this does not function in your semi, something is wrong with your gun.

This ammo is not the same as the low powered CBs, CCI quiets, Colibris, etc. It is regular target speed long rifle ammo at 1050 fps, same as target/match ammo such as Ely, Lapua, etc. It is also about the same speed as CCI Standard at 1070 fps (also subsonic), one of the most popular and economical target ammos out there.

Remington is not my favorite rimfire brand, but it should function fine in all semis.
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I should say , the Remington subsonic is one of my favorites. While the REmington target is the best there is in terms of price and performance.
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