Model 28-Highway Patrolman

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Jul 7, 2009
East Texas
I have the chance to pick up a model 28 Highway Patrolman 357 at a local shop for $375. The functionality of the gun is solid, but the bluing is about gone. The grips are good but old, and I would probably get new ones. My question is -If I can get this gun re-blued to a high luster, put new or newer grips on it, and do all for about $150-$175 plus the $375 for the gun, is that too much invested? Guns America has 4" and 6" model 28's listed for $650-$800, but another local gun dealer feels I may be "upside down" in this deal. Comments?
Don't know, but that certainly seems like too much to have in it. If original that is fine, but re-blued today is not the deep blue of the good old days, so it will not bring a premium.

Now if it is solid then why not just enjoy - shoot it and if you bump it, big deal. The 28's are certainly sought after.
The model 28 came in a dull blue finish from the factory. A shiney bright blue would be a dead give away that it was refinished. As to cost, call S&W and find out what the cost might be and ask them for the date of manufacture if you can get the serial number. That way you can check ebay, gunbroker and other sights and get the period correct grips. Only you can say whether or not it is worth it. I have a 4" 28-2 made in 1981 or 1982 with the original target grips. I ordered it with the target grips.
I think the price is kind of high if the finish isn't that great. I picked up a few of these revolvers that were much better then you imply for that price. They are built like a tank.
375 for the gun. 200 for a reblue. 50 for a set of n frame magna grips will put you at $625. l think you can find a NIB 28 for that.

l went that route on a Mod 19 a couple years back. l paid $287 for the gun off AA. Smith reblued it in Matte. lnstalled a new front site too. about 300 in work. Sadly l am out the gun and $600. My daughter "stole/borrowed" it from me:confused:

lf you like the gun to just shoot then 375 is a good price for a 28
It would not be cost effective to refinish. 375 + 200 (refinish plus shipping both ways) = $575 for a refinished 28 that is now worth $300 as a refinished gun.

That price is too high for the condition.

At $250 buy the gun and shoot it.

At $100 buy it and have it refinished.

For $500 you can find a really nice 28.

Do you want this revolver, are you considering a re-blue job, will the new grips give you the feeling of a new Model 28? Then go purchase the firearm, get it re-blued and get on with it! Possibly the price is a bit high for some, but do you want this revolver? Please your self, do what you want it for, a piece to be admired at night after a day at the range, shine it up and gloat a little bit!
Thanks for the input-I've about talked myself out of this deal, as the dealer won't come down from the $375. There is a local gunsmith that will re-blue for about $125, so there is no shipping etc., but from what I've seen out there-I can get a newer one for about the same $$ that I would have invested in this one. These 28's are tanks-and it would make a great shooter,but I need to be reseanable. Like all of us out there, I was trying to "fix up" a great gun, but keep it within the boundaries of it's value.
Buy it and shoot it. Don't refinish. Put some light protective type oil so rust won't get to it and thats it. The model 28 is a fine shooting revolver. Its not a high dollar revolver. There are plenty availiable. There not rare. The model 28 was a plain Jane version of the model 27.

Good luck,
If you want a using gun. That one would be a good one at a reasonable price.

This one has ridden around in a holster on horse back,motorcycle,ATV and pickup on the ranch for 40 years.


If you want one to look at, find a prettier one.
I guess I just couldn't stay out of this thread any longer :D.
I traded with a buddy at work recently for a 4" 28. I had to pay a local smith to fix a sticky cylinder, the gap is a little on the high side,and the finish definately needs a re-blueing (which I had planned on doing, but am reconsidering).
That being said.....I LOVE THIS PISTOL !!! I put a set of Herrett custom S&W cocobolo grips on it from CDNN ( now sold out), and I just can't get enough of this thing. It's the least "nice" pistol I own, but it shoots like a dream. I'm going to a local gunshow this weekend, after igoring the last couple, and if I see anything resembling a deal on another M28, I'll likely jump.
I have several Rugers and Smiths, but none of them "speak to me" like the model 28 does.
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But does it shoot? If you make it too fancy, you won't want to shoot it.

Don't ask me how I know that.:(
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