Most accurate 9mm for under $1000

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Another vote for the Witness Elite competition series. I know a guy that has done extensive T&E with various Stock 2's, different barrels, and a WIDE range of loads, and has shot groups as good as 1.5" at 50 yards. Now certainly not all of them are going to be that good, especially without a perfectly developed load for that specific gun, but for under $1k I doubt there is any factory autoloader out there that is more accurate.
true precision isnt going to come from a mass produced assembly lined gun... you will need to step up and customize..

Course you have to have the ability too....
OK, at Camp Perry you will see two different 9mm's. 92FS's that have been smith'ed to make them accurate enough, or the Pardini GT-9, which is accurate enough out of the box and has a superb trigger.

Also the Sig 210 is very good and some of the 2nd gen S&W Performance Center's like the 952.

None of them are under $1000.

The most accurate I have had is H&K P7. It's accuracy stays true further out than all others I have had.
My pre model 10 S&W is very impressive also.
I seen a very experienced old timer with a charter snub shoot 5 thru the same ragged hole at 7 yards.
Go figure
Most Accurate

The most accurate 9mm is the the one in the hands of the most skilled shooter. All the ones mentioned are the most accurate in the right hands. Even the best gun won't be as good in the wrong shooters hands.
Lots of really accurate 9mm's out there under 1 grand. My hands down favorite/most accurate 9mm I ever shot right out of the box was an Italian built Beretta 92S back in the early 80's. Didn't shoot it much and sold it recently to finance carry guns as it belonged in the hands of someone who would cherish it.

But that gun was a tack driver with zero mods.

Yes I know accuracy is up to the shooter. I would say however that I own multiple pistols and some (for me at least) seem to be more acurate than others.
I would not expect a XD subcompact to shoot like a Python.

I have Citadel 1911 in .45 APC and it is an excellent shooter for the price.
(Thanks for the Citadel comment)

I have a Taraus PT99, good shooter, rear sight broke, Taraus does not support thier own product any longer, not popular so no aftermarket adjustable replacement rear sight to be found...:banghead:

I know I could go the single shot exemption route, but would prefer not to "skirt" the stupid law requiring handguns to be California approved.
If I ever had to use it in self defense, I would rather avoid any questions concerning changing it from single shot.

I have pretty much decided on a DA/SA type.
So in this great state I have kind of narrowed it down to
CZ75, HK USP9, SIG226, Beretta 92 (but I have the Taraus)
(all good choices I am sure)

I thought the question would make for an interesting thread and it has.

Thanks again everyone for your posts and I would appreciate any more comments on these three.
(some here already)

If I could find a nice used Witness Elite or others in CA they might be a choice, but of course it would have to already be in the state....sigh
I second the Springfield RO 1911. I've shot silver dollar size groups at 50 ft. with mine. No surprise really, my 45acp RO is the same way.

I am looking for something "Full size" to fill the role of my Taraus PT99 with a broken rear sight that Taraus no longer makes replacments for.
(I can cobble togather something for it but it's a bummer)
I already have a XD subcompact 9mm, a 1911 in .45 and other things.
The shooter vs the gun

Yes, it is the shooter of course..however; (I used however instead of BUT :D), one of the things about the CZ's vs others mentioned is how they have significantly reduced recoil. Reduced recoil means better grip and ability to stay on target. Also, I have never owned a CZ that needed a "trigger job". Small travel, CLICK, boom.

Go try the SP01 tactical...

Shooter, sights and trigger are MOST of the aspects of accuracy. I have 3 greatly varied pistols with Trijicon, Burris, and J-Point. All three have micro red dot sights. The pistols are a FN Tactical .45, M&P PRO CORE 9mm, and a Keltec PMR30 22mag. All three are pretty much "one hole" pistols at reasonable pistol distances ie 15 yards or so. IF YOU ARE CAPABLE OF DOING THAT. By one hole I mean a full magazine through the same enlarged hole about the size of a quarter.

The FN Tactical .45 (w/ Trijicon RMR) is the most accurate pistol I've fired. It's so accurate that it would pretty much be capable of shooting squirrels in the head at 25 yards. If the man on the trigger is capable of it. As bad a shot as I am, I have little difficulty shooting "quarter" size groups at 8 yards or so. The M&P will do the just about same thing as will the Keltec. The Trijicon etc. make it easier for the average man to deliver more of the pistols potential. It's been my experience that most pistols are more accurate than most shooters. I think an M&P CORE in 9mm will have as much accuracy as most will be able to use.
At 20- 30 yrs. old, I had no problem shooting quarters off of tree branches with all of the guns we had with us one day upstate NY, on a 50 acre farm one of the guys who worked for me owned. Almost every shot at about distances where the quarter was starting to be barely visible. So it's really not the gun, it is highly doubtful I could duplicate that at 66 years old although my distance correction is very slight. Like the guys said it's the shooter , not the weapon. If your sights are correctly aligned, 100 ft with a glock 26 or a rugger 22, should be no problem with a few warm up shots. If you can see it you can hit it.
My SIG P226 and my Beretta 92FS are both lasers. They will put rounds on top of rounds all day long. I can't imagine being more accurate than either of them. I'd choose the SIG P226 over the Beretta 92FS as the SIG seems to be a little more refined and I've shot other Beretta 92FS pistols that were not as accurate as mine. All the SIGs that I have shot have been tack drivers.
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