My New AR thanks to Funfaler and SeanMTX

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Aug 13, 2006
I finally got all of the parts to my first AR. It may not be much but I am quite excited. Thank you Funfaler and SeanMTX for your advice. It is a Stag upper and lower.


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Hi Bill,

I bought a complete Lower and a complete upper and snapped them together. I am not too technical so I wanted to make it easy. Next time around I might for a kit and build it myself.
I have pretty much the same rifle with the exception of optics and a light. It should be an awesome shooter, Stag puts out an excellent product.
Question: Please take a look at the pix on this post. There are these two rings that seem bent or not alligned. Is this normal. Please forgive the stupid question and bad pix!



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