My wife responds to anti's verbal assault

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Aug 8, 2003
Crow Pass trailhead, Eagle River, AK
Our property borders Chugach State Park here in Alaska. We hike on the trails almost every day and have frequent bear sightings. Especially lately as the salmon have swam up the streams to spawn and die. One nearby trail is currently closed because of high bear activity.
A few years ago one of our close neighbors was attacked without warning and has a head full of titanium plates to show for it (he's a real tree hugger too, so that hippie zen stuff doesn't actually work against bears).

My wife goes for walks during the day while I'm at work with our 5 month old boy in one of those chest carriers. She carries a .50 Beowulf over her shoulder, hanging along her side, on a three point sling. Chosen for it's handiness and effectiveness.
I should also note that carrying firearms in the state park is perfectly legal.

Today she encountered a couple in their 40's who were initially interested in the baby (hadn't seen the rifle as it was hanging, unobtrusively, behinder her hip). The guy was really in her personal space, even reaching out to adjust the baby's hat. The lady walked on past before stopping and looking back.

Lady says, "What's that!?"
Wife gives confused look thinking she meant the baby.

Lady: "Is that... a.. what's... a... what kind of.. that.... a gun!? What kind of air gun is that?" (I don't know where she got "air" gun)
Wife turns to face her a little more and Guy sees it.

Guy: "That's not an air gun that's a serious rifle!! What is that? What are you going to do with that?

Wife: "It's for bears"

Guy: "Isn't that going to make them angry?"

Wife, laughing: "Well actually, I think it'll kill them."

Guy continues making little rapid fire jabs through all of this.. too many to remember or respond to. Being a jerk. And still standing too close.

Lady, not being all that sincere: "Well is it really that dangerous? Are we in danger?"

Wife: "We live back here. We see bears all the time. I've seen several black bears recently and my husband saw a grizzly last week. One of our neighbors had his head gnawed on awhile back"

Lady: "Well did he DIE!?" Like if he didn't DIE then no harm to foul, right?

Wife: "No he didn't die but his head is full of metal plates. A lot of people hike out here with no problems. I have a baby. I have to be serious about his safety. I'm not going to mess around. You protect yourselves however you want to. Have a good hike."

Throughout, my wife was friendly and calm. Of course you always think of things you should have said, but considering she had no warning and they were so agressive I think she composed herself very well. I'm really proud of her.
.50 Beowulf? Yep. Serious rifle. For serious bears.

Too bad you've got serious idjits passing through. Maybe they'll head back south before they become serious bearscat.

Sounds like your wife has a good head on her shoulders and a good concept of personal protection slung over that set of shoulders.

It happens when you're out of the loop. Out-of-staters are really clueless about how wild our state is, which justifies the hardware your more sensible Alaskan carries with him.

Good story, btw, Jordan! Greetings from Delta Junction!
have dumb question, will ask...

This is somewhat serious.

Wouldn't you have to protect your baby's hearing? A chest sling puts your baby's ears kinda close to the breach when your wife goes for cheekweld, no?

My daughter wouldn't wear a earmuff that looks pretty, so I fear she won't wear a -30 dB ear gear.

So, when willl that silencer=safety equipment recognition catch on?
yy: We have certainly given the 'noise on the baby's ears' issue some consideration. We decided it's not the range, it's not hunting, it's a last ditch emergency response and a bad case of tinitus is preferable to being batted about like a play thing.

Good point though--
Another person..

needing to field test their theories: "Lady: "Well did he DIE!?" Like if he didn't DIE then no harm to foul, right?"

Justin, yes IMO supressors should not be regulated in the US eighter. But it is only $200 tax. If you want a supressor, get one.
Yes you have to go through the paperwork, but all in all it will cost you about $700 for a supressor, and that really isn't that bad.
man, that one really makes you wonder what some of these anti's/eco nutjobs are smoking.... :scrutiny:

There is no pharmacological agent that can induce such a degree of idiocy in humans. It's not what they're smoking. It's a refusal to observe reality and to use logic with those observations.

Jordan, tell your wife she did good with the idjits. I don't mean that she gave them material to ponder as they know they're right-don't confuse them with facts. But the fact that she was civil is praiseworthy.

Get a suppressor for the .50 Beowulf. Your child's hearing is worth $900.00 for the suppressor and transfer tax, photos and fingerprints, and jumping through a few hoops.

I've had continuos tinnitus in my left ear since a stroke in February, 2004. Believe me, I'd pay that price to make it go away in a second. I'd pay a lot more.
But, couldn't your wife just carry a cell phone, to notify the authorities if she is in danger? After all, it is the government's responsibility to protect us from danger 24/7, right?
[sarcasm off]
Well, everyone knows it's our own fault if we get attacked by a bear since they are being threatened by us evil humans as we encroach on their environment :rolleyes:

Your wife did well.....nothing like cool logic in the face of irrationality.
Your wife carries a .50 Beowulf? :eek: I could see a bear charging her, screeching to a halt upon spotting the gun, politely doffing its cap and saying "sorry ma'am, thought you were someone else."
I think it's great that you have people like that in the park.

Safer for your wife and child if the bears have a ready and available alternative food source. :D

BTW-Give your wife a hug for taking such good care of your child-many women would refuse to acknowledge the need to carry a weapon in that circumstance. She's a keeper!

That whole thing about the woman wanting to believe your wife was carrying an air gun was pretty much a last ditch state of denial defense on that woman's part, a clear indication that her paradigm had been completely ruptured.
Those two are the kind of folks who are someday going to die in Yellowstone Park because they tried to pet one of the big, hairy cows grazing on the side of the road.

"Wouldn't you have to protect your baby's hearing? "

Better deaf than dead. same argument I have to keep giving when ppl find out I keep a 4" 66-1 full of 158gr@1400fps and no muffs around... no time for muffs, no want either because I *think* I'll need to hear anything right up to the point the trigger's pulled.

Good on'ya for carrying and staying calm in the face of utter idiocy.
Is this the .50 on an AR platform? That sounds like it would be a lot of fun to shoot. How's the recoil?

Is it supersonic? Would a suppresor muffle it that much?
Good job by your wife. How come I never run into people this clueless? I could use the entertainment.

And since (amazingly) no one else has asked, she got a sister? :D
Your wife carries a .50 Beowulf? I could see a bear charging her, screeching to a halt upon spotting the gun, politely doffing its cap and saying "sorry ma'am, thought you were someone else."

Diet Coke through the nostrils does sting, it turns out. Thanks for helping me settle that question, spartacus2002.
Like if he didn't DIE then no harm to foul, right
Stupidest thing I've heard so far this morning (but it's still early and no one from .gov in LA has been on the news yet -). Those folks almost deserve to be Alpo for bears

Aside from listening to the locals about local flora and fauna when I visit someplace new to me, the conventional wisdom is, "before going unarmed into paradise, make damn sure that that's where you are' -

That much stupidity in one place tends to foul the atmosphere. :what: Good on your wife for playing it civil, cool and smart.
When blissninnies attack.......

Sounds like your wife was not only loaded for bear, but well prepared for foaming-at-the-mouth hoplophobes as well.
Based on your re-creation of the story, these folks are not (necessarily)anti-gun. They are just plain ignorant. And that makes them a danger to themselves. Possibly others. Pity...
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