Need a good custom holster manufacturer.

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Mar 9, 2006
I recently tried to purchase a holster from galco for about 80$ after shipping, but it was half an inch longer than my revolver and also on backorder.. I figure, if I'm already at that much money, most custom work that I would have done is probably in about the same area, and it should be complete in roughly the same time as the backorder would be filled.

So, I've tried three companies so far with e-mails specifying the holster I want that they offer, the firearm it will fit (with measurements, since it isn't a 1911), and the fact that I want it, but I have not gotten a reply yet after 4 days or so. (not including the weekend)

I have a Taurus 617 with a 2" barrel, and I want a 2 loop IWB holster made of leather or some other animal skin. Maybe a 4* forward cant. Grip should rest clear of the waistband.

Note on the Taurus - I am really skinny, and I kind of wish I had discovered revolvers before autos because my style of dress makes concealing a short-barreled revolver at about 3:45, inside the pants, a very effective practice.

The only bulge is from the cylinder, which never shows up in the shirt unless I pull it tight against me. The grip length is much less than I am wide as compared to the 1911 which was approximately my width, so when I bend forward I don't have as much grip sticking out as with the 1911.

I was worried that the 617 may be a biggun to conceal, but I find it to be far easier than with the 1911. Problem is, the only thing close to what I could call an IWB holster for it is a duct taped nylon holster to simulate additional width, and no one seems to make a holster specifically for this firearm, so I wish to have one specifically made by someone else.
Where on there do you see that it would fit the taurus 617?

The 85 is a 5shot IIRC, and the S&W 686 version states 4", but my barrel is only 2".
You have to scroll down, It looks like the page doesn't go down further but it does, that safariland thing makes it look like the bottom of the page.
Man.. The price I paid for 2 speedloaders, a double speedloader pouch, and a holster that meets my specs, after shipping and tax, was less than the price of the last holster before shipping and tax.

Kinda glad that product was backordered.
Just FYI, ordering direct from Galco is generally a bit more expensive than getting the same product through a retailer, like MidwayUSA. I've compared some prices and it's usually much cheaper to get the Galco products through a retailer vs. direct unless the retailers don't have it or are out of stock and you can't wait.
I really don't know how they're able to sell most of that off the shelf stuff like Bianchi and Galco at such lofty prices. It's good quality but it costs as much as real custom leather. I get nearly all my gunleather from El Paso Saddlery. Mernickle is also excellent.
I have been buying leather equipment from Wes Daems (7X leather) in Ennis, Montana, for several years. He is among the most imaginative and meticulous craftsmen I've experienced. Probably the verification that would make my remarks self-evident would be for someone to examine and use the built-to-order holster Wes made for my Ruger MK. III with Ultradot L/T sight.

Wes' prices have been rising as awareness of his quality becomes more widespread. Having written that, he's still very reasonable. I must emphasize that he is a leather worker, not merely a holster maker, who is comfortable making "stock" holster patterns through built-to-order holsters (and saddles, and Mountain Man gear, and CASS gear, and cartridge carriers, and - you get the point).

Hope this helps.
No idea if they have what you're looking for (I'm a semi-auto guy), but I have been getting a few holsters from various makers lately (one of which required a 3-month wait), and have been impressed with DeSantis so far-custom holster quality without the wait?

Optics Planet started carrying 'em a few months ago-good prices, you can Google "Optics Planet Discount Code" and find 5% discount codes easily, and they have free shipping for orders over $29.95.
Horseshoe leather does good work, I got my first holster from them and if I ever buy some more leather it will be from Andy. Be prepared to wait however, the lead time for me was something like half a year.
This is a custom made combo that was ordered for my Model 40. It was received in less than 4 weeks at a cost of 73 bucks shipped. The work is outstanding. The maker is Lobo Gun Leather. His name is Ray.

Try C. Rusty Sherrick. He will take your order personally and make sure it is exactly the way you want it. I have ordered 2 "U.S. High Ride" holsters from him, one for my Para Slim Hawg and one for my S&W M&P 9C. Both look and feel great. Excellent craftsmanship and only 2 weeks delivered BOTH times. Worth every penny. Good luck!
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