Need info: Persian Mauser mode 98, Czech vz24

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Apr 16, 2020
Hello all and thanks in advance...
My dad passed and we’re going through his gun collection and have 2 rifles we're looking for info on.
Persian Mauser mode 98 infantry rifle pre-1950 Stamping are in Arabic only

Czech vz24 568XXXX late 1930’s (based on family records)

Both are bolt action w later model iron sights, good condition. No rust in barrels, bolt action and trigger action seem tight. No sentimental value, and wondering if I can/should sell. Any collector value?

I can't guess a dollar value, but the first question asked will be if they are in full original military configuration.
If so, yes there is collector interest in military Mausers. If cut down, not. If nicely sporterized, good luck.
Absolutely, Persian Czech made Mausers in good and original condition are widely sought by collectors as some of the finest examples of Mausers made. has a tracking of how much rifles sold for on their online auction site but it is buried and you have to register as a member. From my brief search, if it is a 98/29 that has not been altered, they are bringing from 500-900 depending on condition in original as issued shape. Sporterized would be considerably less.

Here is an example from gunbroker of a 98/29 Persian Mauser., note the large crest on the receiver and the long 29 inch barrel.

There are also the fairly rare Persian made m49 Mausers that collectors seek.

VZ-24's were sold around the world so you might find some with arabic writing that were not bought by the Persians.
Here is an Iraqi VZ-24,

Good luck.
See pics of vz24.
3689N2 on barrel and bolt area

also, local gun shop has no idea on value, guns too old.


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Once this shutdown is over I’m going to take them to a gunsmith, don’t want to shoot them if they’re not safe.
And both rifles look stock except for updated rear iron sights circa 1980 or so.
Let's see the Persian. I have one, a Sporterized M49. Lovely little rifle. And the writing will be in Persian, which uses the Arabic alphabet.
Boom Boom is correct. An unmolested Persian 98/29 is worth $500 - $900. But if a rear peep sight was added, holes had to be drilled and tapped into the receiver and the stock cut so that the sight could be added.
Adding the sight does destroy the collectors value. It pretty much drops it into the $300 - $400 range.

Here’s my Persian 98/29. Someone sanded the stock before I got it, which does hurt the value a little. I would put it in the $700 range of value.
2804BA3B-94F1-4931-B3B6-E586B6903306.jpeg 22903E67-AC81-432A-BCC3-9CE6AB82AED2.jpeg 9BEDF89E-CB83-4E89-85F2-466CDFC6C8D3.jpeg 17F3B747-F09F-486A-8002-AF4A9B8C53FF.jpeg
Any Czech Mauser in very good or better condition seems pretty rare these days. Those "Persians" were advertised in excellent condition by the late SAMCO (Miami) milsurp distributor, now out of business.
In my near-absolute ignorance about Mausers, had I somehow realized that "Persians" were Czech Mausers, I immed. would have ordered one.

I've never seen a photo of any VZ-24 which appeared to be taken care of. Didn't many of them travel with Romanian troops to join the main Axis forces on the Russian Front in WW2?

GunnyUSMC: At least you have a Czech in excellent condition, and with the crest.
My Czech VZ-58 (Czech Small Arms) and CZ PCR (75D) aren't nearly as cool as your Mauser, but for many of us, the Czech quality is the main appeal.
The Czechs built rifles for many different countries Romania was just one of them.
Here’s one that I gave to my friend’s son for graduation last May. It’s an early contract rifle that has had the royal crest scrub. This rifle most likely saw a hard life, fight on both sides, Axis and Allies.
I have about four or five other VZ24’s. One, a South American contract, in 7mm Mauser .
VZ24’s have gone up in price, but condition is a big factor. Value can run from $175 to $450.
8C5D26B2-A376-4881-AE6D-1DE96565A85D.jpeg 3F2F47BD-AE8E-4B3C-B2C0-3221F4A9077E.jpeg C42DDE83-312C-402F-BDC2-FFD81FEC09CC.jpeg 9D869362-0E40-4A41-81EC-F5F140C8EF72.jpeg
Here are pics of the Persian Mauser.
Thanks for the info. Y’all are very helpful.


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Oh well, sorry to say the collector value is gone. They are nice hunting rifles. It was common to buy a milsurps cheap and sporterise it when they sold them by the barrels. Those days are long gone and the remaining untouched ones have really gone way up in price. Enjoy them.
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