New .45cal, what bullets?

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Mar 14, 2009
SE Michigan
I just came into possession of Winchester X-150 still in the box. It's an inline muzzle-loader of the .45 Caliber flavor with a 1:28 twist rate. The intended usage is Michigan white-tail deer at 0-100 yards but if I can make it stretch to 150 or 200 yards I'd be all the happier.

I've never owned a muzzle-loader before myself. I have shot others though and understand the basics. I'm trying to amass the supplies to start sighting it in because if I start now maybe I can get everything and shoot it by the end of August. I have this rule about deer season that whatever I'm going to use has to be zeroed on or before Sept. 1 so I have time to practice if I need to.hit

So anyway I'm looking at 2 options of bullets:

1.) 195 grain Barnes Expander 40 cal bullet in a 45 sabot that's a solid copper hp

2.) 200 grain Hornady 45 Caliber Sabot with 40 Caliber bullet with a "SST" Tip

I'm looking at probably a 100gr powder load because I know I can hit that consistently using Pyrodex. I want to use the pellets because I've seen the alternative method of measuring and loading powder and decided I should start a little easier.

What bullets are likely to be more accurate and kill deer more efficiently?
You'll be able to shoot far more Hornady bullets for the same cost. But the same can be said for the pellets vs loose powder...
I do most of my practicing on other rifles really and so am only looking at 30 shots or so out of this rifle. Whatever it takes to get it zeroed and get a decent group of 3 shots together so I feel comfortable with it. Given that information what are the ups and downs of the lighter and heavier bullets?
There isn't much of a weight difference between them, but I would expect the Hornady bullet to have a higher BC. You may want to look at Thor bullets too.
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