New CZ Varmint .22 LR


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Nov 20, 2006
I picked this up yesterday at the FFLs. Picked up a brick of CCI-SV on the way home. I shot that, SK Standard Plus, Lapua Center X & Lapua Long Range through it today.

Bottom line is it shoots very well, and showed a preference for Center X. SK Standard + was very close to the CC-SV speeds and impacted to the same spot on the targets. Center X was slower and impacted lower, Long Range was faster and impacted higher.

CZ Varmint .22 LR Initial Testing Pic 2.JPG CZ Varmint .22 LR Initial Testing Pic 3.JPG CZ Varmint .22 LR Initial Testing Pic 4.JPG CZ Varmint .22 LR Initial Testing Pic 6.JPG

After the test I shot five each of the SK Standard + and the Lapua Center X at the KYL. Just did nick the 1/4" hanger both times.
CZ Varmint .22 LR Initial Testing Pic 7.JPG

It's interesting shooting different types of .22 ammo through .22s and seeing what it likes. I also have some SK Long Range, should have
shot it as well. Next time. Scope is a bit high, but those were the rings it was in.
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Mine likes CCI Standard Velocity, Norma Tac-22 and the high-dollar Eley stuff. The cheap Aquila ammo also shoots surprising well, for cheap ammo. Federal, Winchester and Remington all shoot like crap in mine. For me, TAC-22 is probably the best tradeoff between cost and accuracy. You can find deals on it online direct from Norma from time to time, with free shipping and for not a lot more money than the crappy Bucket-O-Bullets ammo.
My buddy has one in a chassis, shoots Eley ammo very well, SK second best, and Norma is his practice ammo. We shot a few hrs recently and I was impressed with it, kind of makes me want one. His trigger was lighter than my B14R, smooth bolt, short throw. Overall I would jump on one if a deal passed my way.
The 457 trigger is a nice unit. It's a big improvement over the triggers in the 452/455/453 as far as adjustability goes. I recently put a McMaster Carr spring in mine and adjusted it for creep and over travel. It's now a crisp 12 ounces. Mine is a .17 and a field gun. I know several people that use the .457 as benchrest guns in sporter class. They get their factory triggers down much lower than mine and still pass the bump test.
New CZ Varmint .22 LR ... After the test I shot five each of the SK Standard + and the Lapua Center X at the KYL. Just did nick the 1/4" hanger both times.
Nice and congrats!

You are going to have a FUN retirement with that range on your property.

I think you really should consider building a cozy insulated shooting shack with creature comforts for all year shooting enjoyment. I would add small scale reloading setup (I could PIF my Dillon 550), Mr. Buddy heater, wifi extender or Cantenna, convertible bench/cot, etc.)
Dunno how well their newer stuff works in CZ’s, but I use the older Wolf Match Extra in my 453 Varminter and it is exceptionally accurate. I got multiple bricks after I saw how well it works. I use Federal Auto Match for just goofing around.

FWIW mine has the single set trigger, with the set mode adjusted down to a couple ounces. Mine has a 4-14x42 VX-3
I walked into Dakotamart, a local store that sells groceries, drugs, alcohol and firearms, and saw a new CZ 457 Varmint on the rack with a wonderful tiger stripe stock. The price marked was $519, but all guns were 10% off, so it came home. Not the 452 full stock I bought for $300 10 or 15 years ago, but still worth having. Once in awhile, I end up on the right side of a deal.
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I just picked up a 457 Varmint as an addition to my 452 American. I'm still leaning the new rifle but it likes Wolf Match Target that I bought about 20 years ago. I still have a brick of it and I'm not wasting it. CCI-SV works well enough for plinking and sighting in. Norma TAC 22 is a bit better.