New 'ERGO" J-frame grip

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Looks interesting. Kind of reminds me of a Pachmayr grip I cut down a bit for a Model 36 that I had. The original shape of the grip just seemed too big so I cut the bottom off and recontoured it. It definitely looked weird but it did change the pointability of the gun in my hand.
Wonder how the recoil feels with it? Definitely interested as I do not like the rubber grips that came with my 642. Also wonder how it is to draw from a pocket.
as goofy as it looks I think they maybe on to something. I know the LCR's grips are at a steeper angle than the j-frames and have significantly more meat on them so the math is sound at least. Of course this takes the formula to an extreme but for 20 bucks well worth a shot I think.
Made almost exactly the same thing for my S&W 60 back in '86. Works great. Does affect pocket carry. I carried mine in an upside down shoulder rig. Looks weird, got a ton of snarky remarks until they shot it. :D

What can I say, I tinker with weird stuff. C'mon, I'm the guy that has a .45lc blackhawk with a 1911 grip frame. The look will give you nightmares but it really tames the recoil of those BB "Ruger only" loads.:eek::what: (don't try this at home. The frame cracks at the front screw hole pretty quick)

The one in the OP looks better and appears more ergonomic than mine. He'll sell a ton. Got mine on order.
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It doesn't look like it would be very controllable with hot loads.

I'm willing to be proven wrong.

I hope he'll make one for square butt Js.

Guess I can always try one on my Taurus 85CH.
Those would take my 38 right out of my jeans pocket I think. Also, what about what the trainers call retention? Still, a grip that would point like the finger of God every time, that would be worth the trouble getting used to.
I suppose I'd give one a try if someone put one in my hand, but that grip angle looks to be quite unnatural.

If it's indeed too big to fit in a pocket, that completely defeats the purpose of a J frame IMO. If it now has to move to a belt holster, there are much better choices out there.
Ugly, but it'll let me tinker with mine on the cheap. It'll probably be a hot seller, at least initially. Heck, not a lot of interesting/different gun things that a person can buy with $20 anymore.
it's not the bad pointing or lack of sighting that makes so many miss the chest at 10 ft and less. It's the jerking of the trigger. Pocket guns belong in pocket holsters. In any other sort of rig, you can have something with much more power and controllability. So why not have that additional good stuff? Why would anybody think that the 250 ft lbs of a 38 snub amount to a whoop, when the 500 ft lbs (and real expansion of a hp) is still only 90% effective?
And so the wheel turns 'round again. A lot of old guns, think 1800's, have more angled grips and are quite nice to shoot. And yes, they do point well. Because of the increased angle you need to cock the hand slightly downward which serves to lock the wrist, making for a very stable hold.
Looks to me is a moot point if they work well, but then I've got an ugly dog that's a great pointer.
URL=] IMG_20140117_212501243_HDR_zpsfc1c1d0f.jpg [/URL]

This was my crude attempt at modifying a Pachmayr Gripper into something a bit smaller and with a more pronounced grip angle.
that would be enough to give a J frame the nickname "Stumpy."

That is ferserious ooogly. BUT, if it works, then hey, pretty is as pretty does.

I'll add that the Eagle grips for the SP101 have a sharp rake to them as well, but are a LOT nicer looking. I realize it's apples to organs since these are a much more extreme version of that, but it is still interesting to note.
Look at the angle that your hand would be relative to the grip.

Then look at how the trigger moves.

No way is that a natural solution...far worse than the stock set-up.

I just can't see this working with a human hand. If your forefinger was set at a 45 degree angle from your hand...maybe. Otherwise? No way.
I really want to try one of these. I do not care if it is ugly if it improves my shooting with J-Frames.
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