New rig for my ruger wrangler

Mar 10, 2020
North Carolina
I enjoy working on every piece I make but after enough low key plain black and brown holsters and such I like to stretch my fingers a bit. Decided I'd make a complete custom rig for my ruger wrangler in between customer projects. I know there is some leather fans here so thought I'd share. Im doing 2 1/2 inch ranger style belt with alot of custom carving/tooling and a holster to match. Using some classic Sheridan style designs mixed with some of my wicked skulls. Here's what I got so far. Stencil phase Screenshot_20240127_095629_Gallery.jpg 20240129_130512.jpg carving and tooling phase Screenshot_20240127_164601_Gallery.jpg 20240130_162403.jpg and now I'm working on finishing before final assembly 20240202_150129.jpg 20240203_133249.jpg I'll post some finished pics once I get it all done.
Thank you guys for the kind words. I'd say 75% of what I do is more low key edc gear. I enjoy making every piece I do but really get into complete custom builds where I can show a little more skill. I'll post the finished belt soon as I get the time to put it together.
Thank you guys. It was a really fun project to build. And makes me want to go outside and start calling out the dang squirrels for a showdown 🤣 it's way more rig then my little wrangler needs so I'm shopping around waiting on the right deal for a 357 blackhawk. Something a little more deserving of such a rig.