New Website to Find Cheapest Gun Price. Great for Black Friday/CyberMonday

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Nov 22, 2013
About 2 years ago I wanted to create a way to quickly find the cheapest price on any gun I wanted. I was lucky enough to find some extremely talented programmers to help me out here locally.
So after a long time testing and grabbing some good deals for ourselves :) , we are ready to release it to everyone right in time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. We hope you guys enjoy it, its been fun!

The url is

how it works:
You type in the gun you want and it searches dozen's of gun stores, AS WELL as auctions ending with 6 hours, or auctions with a Buy it Now.
It returns these results in a table and you can quickly click a link to go straight to the page.
you can also use the "watch this gun" feature. This allows you to save that model to your "watch list"
and everytime you login you can quickly check the current cheapest price of all of your saved guns. It will let you know if the price has raised or lowered since the last time you checked.

I have put more hours than i can count into this project along with a few other programmers. We love any feedback good or bad, just use the contact us link on the page. If you guys
like the website please tell your friends, family, social media, forums, etc.. We appreciate any help we can get!

Hope you guys enjoy the site, and go save yourself some money!
Just an FYI to all, gunwatcher isn't making any money off his site, and he's offering it as a service to the gun owning community.
That looks interesting.....I just found a NIB, unfired 625 of 1988 with all the correct paperwork for a good deal.
There was also the new Glock 30S from one seller.
Thank you for the link.
probably should have talked to the site admins before the post because it does come off as a site making money, a complete error on my part. I am passing these post on to my other programmers and we are ecstatic from the great feedback we have received. It makes you feel good seeing a nice reception after so much time and effort. Thanks!
VERY impressive! I can't tell you how much time I expend in trying to find what I want at a good price. This does away with all of that wasted time. Good job.
I can't imagine all the time to make this happen….I would not even know where to begin, let alone finding a way to generate code for this. Obviously, the feds should have called you for that big roll-out last month…..but back to the better subject of finding deals on firearms; this will make things much easier in the future, and if popular enough, could even change the market further.
thank you so much for all of the kind comments. The small group of us are sitting around in a constant smile drinking some beer and completely shocked a the reception. It means a lot to us. Our traffic in 12 hours was almost 100 times more than what we said we would be happy with! It is all thanks to you guys, we see a lot of people coming in from other forums, facebook, twitter etc.. and thats purely traffic that you guys took time out of your life to actually help us out. We appreciate it!

As for changing the market further, we can only dream we can. It is so hard for these smaller shops to compete with the larger players on the internet. Our site puts everyone on an even playing field and lets the stores prices decide where they appear in the results. More gun stores means everyone wins!
Awesome. This is really well done. It's simple and cleanly designed, which is not the case with many of the agglomerators out there (hence why I avoid those). Many thanks.
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