NFA Trust question

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Apr 28, 2010
Manassas, VA
Hi all,

I am about to finally get my first NFA item in the next 8months, going the suppressor route, maybe SBR, dont know yet exactly, but something that is NFA related. MY question is, there is a good chance in 3 years, my wife and I will be moving to Europe for 2 years, for a 2 year work assignment. Sadly, i will have to store all my firearms at my parents (they have a big empty safe i have used in the past), but i think this might create legal issue with an NFA item. If I go the individual route, is storing the item at their house (with me in Europe) create an illegal possession for them? I know I can legally store my firearms there, but NFA items I dont know. Am i better suited to go the Trust route to register my items (Only relatives I have besides my wife are my sister and my mother), so I don't know how I would have to set it up to include one of them on the trust to make it legal.

Any advice? Is there any benifit to putting other items, not just NFA items, into the trust with me storing them for 2 years?
Technically according to the ATF, as long as your parents don't know the combination, you're GTG. If you're in the same state as your parents, you don't need to do anything else. If they're in a different state, you need to have an approved Form 5320 to transfer the Title II item out of state for a year.
Right now, we both live in Virginia, parents dont plan on moving. 95% chance the Wife and I will be moving to UK or Germany for 2 years for work, with a complete personal change of address for us since we would sell our house...

So as long as they dont know the combination to whatever thing I use to store the NFA item in, I will be good to go? Do they (one of them) need to be written into my Trust?
They do not to be listed in your trust. You're GTG on leaving them in the safe.
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