Night Sights on a Glock - Glock or Trijicon?

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Jun 19, 2003
Longmont, CO
Hi there,
trying to decide which sights to get on a Glock. I hear that there are Glock night sights and Trijicon night sights. Any of you with experiance please chime in and let me know what the difference is, and if the Trijicons are worth the premium over the Glocck NS.

I have Meprolight on my g35...Chose meprolight because it offered rear sights that glow orange, and a front sight that glows green. Dont know if anyone else offers it but in my very brief search for nightsights, this is what i came upon.
I believe the Glock brand require a staking tool, and not a do it yourself project. The Glock sights are good, and are plastic coated for EZ cleaning. Ameriglo also offers a green/yellow sight picture.
when i go three dot night sights i go trijicon. why? that is what i have used and so i keep going trijicon, they are bright day and night(the white outline in the day) and the tritium at night, the back sight is sufficient for using it to do one hand manipulations, ie, reoads, malfuntion clearance, on the edge of the holster, balistic shiled, door etc. i am in the if it ain't broke don't fix it leauge, and the trijicons have served me well so i stick with them.
I have Trijicon's on my G20 and Meprolight's on my G26. Both are great. The Mepro's have a different color in the rear, and the front post is fatter than the Trijicon's. I would say that you can't go wrong with any of them... Glock, Trij, or Mepro.
They also have the shortest lifespan of any sights on the market!

I would go with either Meprolite's, or Trijicon's.

Green sights are guarenteed for 12 years.
Orange sights only for five years.

I went with Trijicon. I sent my slide and sights to Glock and they put them on for me. Trijicon are guaranteed for 12 years.
I vote trijicon

I really like my glock 27 with trijicons. My dealer installed them and told me if I ever have an alignment prob he'll fix it free. I got them for $87 installed. I can't imagine ever not having night sights. The only exception will be my glock 23 with crimson trace laser grips. Mama's getting ready to buy me one but she doesn't know it yet.
check out warren tacticals. just got some put on and I really like them. They cost a tad more than the others though
I have Trueglo TFO's on my Glock 19, they are fiberoptic/tritium that I use for IDPA/USPAS. Outside nothing beats the fiberoptic, inside I would say they are as good as any other tritium site. I did have some one tell me that they caught the front site on a bacade in a match and broke off the front site, believe that they replaced it for free.
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Heinie straight 8s. The stacked green dots are less cluttered than a 3 dot. Between the two you mentioned, Trijicon.
Question, why is it that some sights that are sold as Ameriglo or Meprolight have the Trijicon name printed on the sight?
Probably because they buy their lamps from Trijicon.

If that is the case, what seperates sights of one manufacturer from the other as far as performance if they are all Trijicon lamps?
The Warrens are hardened steel,p retty sure they are the only ones with that. Its not all about the lamps either, look at the over all design of the sight, mostly the rear sight.
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