NOPD Demanding Gun Receipts

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Sounds like it is time for a "sting" operation. send in a few folks and hope they get stopped and get their gun confiscated and document the heck out of it. Then see if you can get it on the news.
Old School: I am afraid if an officer wanted to take my gun for not having a purchase receipt on my person, I would ask him to tell to state the law that he is enforcing. If he cannot (which he can't because there is none), I would definitely tell him that I refuse to comply and invite him to arrest me. This is the fastest way to get it into the court room and start setting some precedence. Then I could build off of that by bringing a big fat civil suit.
The problem is you would be arrested on a trumped-up charge that had nothing to do with the gun. Good luck winning in court when it’s your word against that of a cop. And your gun will never show up on the inventory sheet when they go through your car.

The only plausible approach would be that as put forth by RoadkingLarry. Even then it would require a video tape or its back to their word against the word of a cop.
When the good citizens of New Orleans get fed up enough with that type of corruption they could do something about it..until then they need to be happy with what they have.
Gary Barnes
Do we have any evidence that this is happening, or are we all still reacting to hearsay?

Forgive me if I missed it.
Samuel Adams said:
Do we have a link to a story or any other way to verify this or is this another rumor?
No kidding. Hey everyone, I have been hearing reports that Elvis is alive and has been sighted at a McDonalds in Tennessee. Now, this is not a perfect analogy as NOPD has a proven track record of firearms theft. Still, some confirmation of these “reports” would be nice.
Guys, cops stealing guns is as old as the "red light districts" for Godsakes.

Do a Google search.

Here's one of MANY examples:

You guys act "surprised" by this. Maybe you're just young and wet behind the ears? :p

It sucks, but this ain't nothing new IMHO.

In fact, I have an old Model 10 that was stolen by a cop during a traffic stop. He was busted, the gun went back to the WWII veteran he stole it from and I bought it from him many years later. I registered it with the police, as we have to do in Michigan, and it came up clean.

I had told the Sergeant about the incident prior to his search on the computer and he said, "no, it's clean" after doing the search. He then typed up a registration card for me.

The cop got busted for pawning it off and the frame under the grip had the WWII veteran's name inscribed on it.

He also had written down the serial number, but had lost his registration card. (The police found out it was registered and that he was telling the truth about losing the registration card.)

This was about 35 years ago. Stuff like has been going on for way longer than any of us have been alive IMHO.

Another point to remember is the cop got busted by the police. I don't know what happened to him but the police busted him for stealing.
yokel said:
Actively resisting and rejecting the sovereignty of an illegitimate, tyrannical and corrupt occupying force is not wrong in my book.

You may be morally correct, but you'll be dead, or in prison for it.
Exactly. This is no different than all the internet chest thumping commandos who say they would hole up in their house and kill anyone who would come to confiscate their guns as if they can fight the police force, National Guard, etc with armored and armed vehicles, full auto, grenades, armed air support, etc. Yeah, right, flash bang grenade through your living room window followed by a couple of cans of CS gas... They're going to get them one way or the other. You have three choices, remain alive and turn them over, resist somewhat and get arrested (they still get the guns), or resist with lethal force and get killed (possibly the family, too, ala Ruby Ridge) and they still get the guns. We all know that 99% of Americans would just roll over and give them up. Call me a traitor, non-patriot, whatever...I don't care. I'm going to live to see another day and provide for my family because...they'll get the guns anyway. Why make a stand and get myself or my family killed so the next neighbor in line can say, "Eff that noise" and turn them over because of the example I made? :rolleyes:
Of course, if you have an FFL, stealing your gun is a federal crime with a $25k reward. Does that also apply to C&R FFL?
Well, the question becomes: How <brave are you?>

I always carry a digital voice recorder on me, when I carry. If a police officer stated that I had to give him my gun, until I could prove that it was mine, my response would be simple.

I would arrest him for attempted grand larceny, and for violation of Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242.

Now, one must know their state's citizen arrest laws, and know them well. But, if you have the <courage>, and the evidence (the voice recorder), you now know the proper course of action.
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Ha. Nice. The Caine Mutiny.

I never had the occasion to do such a thing. Hope I never have to. But would I? Yep.

The rule of law is to be applied evenly. If the officer commits a felony, and I observe it, and especially if I have evidence of it (a voice recording of the attempted felony), you can damn well bet I will place the officer under arrest.

Not saying others should do it. It is taking a serious risk. One had best know their law, and know it well.

But, sometimes, the risk becomes necessary, because the repercussions of doing nothing are to great. Officers, who are sworn to uphold the law, who willfully and knowingly violate it, should be held accountable.
now that heller has gone through the supreme court could they prosecute the N.O. mayer if he orders guns to be confiscated from homes during another disaster.

Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241
Conspiracy Against Rights

This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person of any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same).

even if no weapons are confiscated couldn't someone be prosecuted for the mere threat?
or am i reading this wrong
the movie name was "mr roberts" and i tend to agree with the assesment of mr keefers character and morals vas explained to the young ensign that mistakenly admired someone who talked a good game but sent a better man down the road while protecting his own hide. seems that the cops are so lucky to get by without encountering the legions of folks so ready and willing to stand up and do battle, on the internet anyway
Even knowing NOLA PD's history, there is no verification for this OP. Move along now.

So, if I understand you correctly, we should move along because there is "no verification" from the original poster even though another person on this thread has stated that it has happened to them?

Feel free to search my posts. This isn't the first time I've given my account. And sorry... there wasn't a web-link to the event that happened with me. And that doesn't mean it didn't happen to me. Why should I believe I was an isolated event?

-- John
What if the gun is a family heirloom?
I have a .22 that my grandfather bought back in the 1940's, it has no serial numbers, just proof marks...

I would sue!
We had a former mayor of SLC trying to make his own firearm laws, but we have some stuff in our state constitution preventing him from doing it (He tried attacking NFA items).
Some good sheriffs ignored him and would sign off anyways. :)
Thank god Mr. rocky anderson is gone, he was a blemish on this state.
I have a question?

If the Leo tries to take a lawfully owned firearm from a person who has committed no crime, He or she (PC statement) is acting outside of the law then that is clearly theft.

Now if the officer is acting outside of the law then he is not protected by his LEO status, he is armed at the time of commission of the said theft which makes the theft an armed robbery.

A forcible felony offence which is covered in the Concealed Carry Regulations within Florida Law, would you be justifiable in defending oneself from a forcible felony by using deadly force?

Whilst I do not advocate getting into a fire fight with an LEO it certainly need to be brought to the attention of LEO’s that the law may in these circumstances allow an armed citizen to use deadly force against the aggressor.

I am not a lawyer. But raise this for the purpose of discussion and comment.
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