Norwegian Krag Identification

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Feb 22, 2011
East side of Wisconsin
Hey all,
I could use some help identifying a rifle. I just bought a Norwegian Krag Jorgensen. Its been sporterized but the gun itself and the markings on the receiver are still in good condition. It has the Kongsberg stamp and both 1897 and 1907 on the receiver. I can't find any serial number on the receiver or barrel, but the bolt has 129XX on the handle and 357XX on the bolt body.
Can anyone tell me what to look for on the rifle in terms of distinguishing marks or somewhere to look that can give me more detailed info than the wikipedia or cruffler pages?
Well I suppose if nobody here has any info I will just have to do some more research. I'm headed to Norway in a few weeks anyway so maybe I can find some info for my friends there to translate.
Edit: For anyone else who has a norwegian krag, i just found a website with very good info and serial number ranges. It is all in italian for some reason but google translate works well
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Maybe see if you locate a copy of the book "Bolt Action Rifle" by Frank De Haas. I think he had a section on the Norwegian Krags in it.
I have the fourth edition of the de Haas book. Reviewed it quite heavily while deciding whether or not to buy the rifle. It gives a lot of good info and history but the main things i'm trying to find out about are the various stamps on the receiver and the importance of two separate SN on the bolt. Maybe there was a mix and match of parts at some point but after I take it to the range Tuesday I'm going to take off the stock and see if I can find any more markings.
I just picked up a M1894 from 1910. It has what appears to have an original sling. It also falls in the range of those fitted with a scope. It has a cut in stock for what I am guessing is the retaining clip as well as two cuts in the receiver for mount.
My questions are as follows
Are the scopes available?
Do other serial ranges have the reciever cuts.
Being that it has sadly been cut down to carbine length, which I understand was all to common, How bad does it affect value considering it was one of 1000.

Moderator note. I do realize that it is an old thread, but specific to my questions. Would like input from those already watchin the thread.
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