Not happy with BCM

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Hahaha i guess i did pay extra for that. I haven't heard anything from them. Now it's just a waiting game. It takes 2 weeks for them to process returns. I'm just hoping if I continue to pester them the will compensate me for the shipping.
definitely a bummer. i normally cut companies a little slack, especially small businesses. in this case, a long returns process may be due to the extremely high levels of sales of AR parts over the past month.

even so, i am disappointed in their response. while i don't personally care about a scratch, i suspect their response would be the same if you had a more serious issue like it wouldn't shoot straight.

i'm not writing them off just yet, but if a couple recent anecdotes of bad experiences turn into a trend...

in any event, i've ordered very little from them recently because i've found better prices elsewhere
Huh? I will never understand people. It is a tool. So it has a scratch on it? Big deal. How does it shoot?

Many of my guns are working guns and get scratched up. That is not a big deal to me at all. However, paying for something that is supposed to be in a certain condition and is not and then getting the run around from the company would be a big deal to me.
Exactly. I added an idiot mark to one of my rifles today, one that's already got plenty of idiot marks, and that didn't really bother me much. It's part of actually getting it out and having fun with it. But this guy's barrel arrived from the factory in a damaged condition and that should be remedied. I literally was at the point where my next gun was going to be a BCM midlength. Seriously, the day after the money was in my hands, I was going to be looking for one with the intention of money changing hands by the close of business. I'm watching this closely. After all, they're not the only ones who can build an AR...
Huh? I will never understand people. It is a tool. So it has a scratch on it? Big deal. How does it shoot?

call it what you will (it's actually a rifle barrel), but if the guy paid for a new barrel it should be free of defects.

we hamstring certain brands for lacking parkerizing under the front sight base, but when we see steel with the finish scraped off on the flavor of the month, "its a tool, how does it shoot?"

i would be livid if they didnt make right, i.e. a barrel that didnt look like a used jack handle (also a tool by the way :)
No park under the FSB can allow rust to form due to the conditions there. That has an actual impact on the weapon. This does not. There is no defect. There is a scotch on it.
I like BCM but that is unacceptable, maybe you should've posted over in the BCM forum over at
So if I run my house key down the length of your new car, you're going to be O.K. with that? After all, it will still run just fine.

And a finish scratched that severely IS an issue, by the way. It's called corrosion. There is a reason firearms have finishes on them.

I know I'm coming off sounding snarky, but you just told a guy to be happy about spending 300 bucks for damaged goods.

If I spend money on something, it had better be what it is represented to be. Something tells me "scratched all to Hell" wasn't in the product description.
Kwelz, Seriously, you don't see a problem with getting a scratched up product? I bet if this guy would have posted up on M4Carbine that Spikes or DMPS had sent him a scratched up barrel you would have been all over Spikes or DMPS and there terrible products and service.

If any company sends out a product that is sub-par, they should fix it or replace it. I really don't get your thinking or your attitude on this.
The man bought a new barrel and it came in a substandard condition. He also paid a premium for the barrel. BCM appears to be unconcerned. That's enough for me.

There's no defense for this by calling it a tool or what not.
It's one barrel out of thousands of orders during a busy time of year.

Businesses employ humans, and humans make mistakes. This will never change, and the problem will never go away.

The only ones who get hurt about it are those who create an imaginary concept of Brand perfection and rely on that as a measure. Sorry, it's a bunch of humans who pay to advertise an image contrary to human reality. Believing in what they want you to think is naive at best.

You could very well receive complete satisfaction after all is said and done, but the one thing you should thank them for is opening your eyes to their reality - they aren't perfect, they're just another gun parts supplier, and only you can justify spending the extra money for ?
Well said. I had a problem with a DSA FAL once and when I called them, they sent me a replacement part to install myself and a prepaid package to mail the bad one back to them in. They took it on faith that I had a legit problem when they could have insisted I return to the gun to them for repairs. Because they made it convenient to me and gave me the benefit of the doubt and just sent me a replacement part, I'd have no qualms about buying another DSA.
Same goes for Ruger - I've had a couple issues with Ruger guns but they've always dealt with issues beyond my satisfaction. S&W has also had a pretty good track record with me.

When I buy a gun or something gun related, I don't just look at how many good ones the company is turning out - I look at how they behave if you get one of the bad ones. The companies who care about me as a customer are the ones I patronize.
Let's take a deep breath. Should it have come scratched? Of course not. Bravo like many small companies this time of year are getting beat up trying to keep up with demand. My experience with BCM is not to even try to call, but they are very good with CS on email. A little more patience this time of year from everyone is in order. PS- I don't think you should have to pay for shipping.
Ok well the barrel came back today, faster than expected, and it looks great. Very happy with the barrel itself. In compensation for the shipping charges they threw in a BCM hat... Would rather have gotten my money back, But a hat is cool too I guess. I just feel like the whole situation could have been handled a lot better, however I can't wait to get this thing out to the I can scratch it myself.
Glad to hear that you got a new barrel. So we are clear, they did not compensate you for shipping the barrel back?
Well, I'm glad they made it right. Looks like that finish was just a bit thin there or the prep was spotty.

Ironicly I've never been able to build an uprer as scratch free as BCM deos. The last three uppers I've bought from them (2 for me 1 for a build for someone else) have had no tool marks at all. Each was flawless.
Glad to hear that you got a new barrel. So we are clear, they did not compensate you for shipping the barrel back?

They gave him a hat. They shipped him a damaged product, made him pay to ship it back, then compensated him for his time, inconvenience, and money, with a hat.
Sgt, I saw that he got a hat, I was hoping to hear that they also reimbursed him the shipping cost. A hat is actually an advertisement for their company. So they are actually just making money off of you. If they did not reimburse him the shipping I for one will probably think twice about dealing with that company.
That's bad customer service.

I was thing of buying a complete BMC rifle.

Daniels Defense is looking better to me now.
I was thing of buying a complete BMC rifle.

Daniels Defense is looking better to me now.

I own samples of each. You will not be disappointed with Daniel Defense. I've also had to use their customer service for some minor issues and it has been wonderful.
i'm glad BCM got this issue taken care of. i own a BCM middy and i love it! all the guys at gunshows keep saying BCM does not make there own parts,they buy them from LMT is there any truth to that?
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