Now I have my ccw... Do I carry with a round chambered?

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No matter what you guys tell me, I don't believe I would EVER feel safe walking around with a chambered gun on my person.

If no matter what anyone says, you won't change your mind - then why did you bother to post this on a gun forum? Just trolling?
It doesn't take very long to load a round and fire.

Until the gun jams. Then what? Where would you rather deal with a jam when loading the gun? With the bad guy now attempting to stop you from loading your gun, or behind the locked door of your house with the gun pointed in a safe direction. I prefer to load my gun behind my locked door so I can do it carefully, methodically, and double check that it has loaded properly.

Also, if I am ever in a self-defense situation, I would like to have to use only one hand to draw and fire with, and have the other hand free in case I need to shove someone.
I prefer a revolver, but I have every confidence in my H&K USP as a safe carry gun. With a properly designed gun in good working order, accidental and negligent discharge can be avoided by following the simple rule of finger off the trigger unless the eyes and sights are on an intended target.

I test an intended carry gun by chambering a primed casing (no powder charge no bullet) and trying to get the gun to accidentally discharge. I also test a holster and carry technique by wearing the gun all day around the house going through a full daily routine and checking for safe retention and reveal through clothing issues.
Immediately after purchasing my carry gun, I thought the same... until I started running drills from the holster. Even without the stress of an attacker but just the pressure of the clock, I was amazed how many times I failed to properly put the gun into battery.

Certainly with practice it would have improved; but under the stress of an actual attack, who knows.

Then my conceal carry instructor began spelling out the multitude of scenarios where two hands most likely would not be available.

It's your choice.
When I first started carrying I did so with no round in the chamber, but as I became more familiar with how the handgun worked and shot I eventually started carrying with it chambered. After I took it apart a few times and saw how the safety features worked I began to understand it, then I tried to get the pistol to go of by accident(unloaded of course) and could never do it as long as I followed the rules. So about a month after I started carrying I started chambering a round and have done so ever since. I carry a beretta px4 with da/sa, a kimber 1911 cdp sa only, and a taurus 455 45acp revolver all fully loaded all the time. I don't use the safety on the beretta, I feel the DA trigger is good enough. Oh all have proper holsters that fully cover the trigger.
Both hands may not always be available, nor will there be time to rack a round.

DO NOT have people that tell you it's a good thing because Israel does it since they use so many different firearms in their military.

When you get more comfortable around firearms, you'll learn to trust the gun and yourself more. There are basic firearm safety rules, follow them and you'll be fine.

Look online for multiple encounters where 2 hands where not available in a defensive scenario by both law enforcement and CCWers.

Do what you want, but there is no disadvantage carrying with a round in the chamber. I could tell you several carrying without, but a simple Google search would bring up endless threads on this subject.

If you're going to search realize, round chambered/condition 1/C1 - Round not in chamber/condition 3/C3/Israeli carry
Since the OP already has all the answers, I'm befuddled as to why he started this thread! :eek: I just don't see any point in trying to carry on a cogent dialogue with somebody with such misplaced idea of gun safety. ;)
I know many people carry with a round chambered... They say an unloaded gun is no good. Here's what I say...

It doesn't take very long to load a round and fire.

No matter what you guys tell me, I don't believe I would EVER feel safe walking around with a chambered gun on my person. I know modem guns have safeties and mechanisms to prevent a discharge when the trigger isn't pulled but that still doesn't ease my mind. Planes are made to fly, but occasionally fall of of the sky. There are systems put in place to try and prevent or minimize this but still fail at times.

I think to the episode of band of brothers where the guy is carrying a luger in his pocket and it discharges and he ends up dying.

Like I said, I know gun technology has come a big way since then but still. At the end of the day, a gun is a mechanical device that can fail...

I just don't think I could ever be at ease with a chambered gun to carry.

Just seeing what you guys think!

Carry a revolver or surrender your permit.
I'm ending this. (The OP can send me a PM if he needs more input.)

No matter how much I think the "Condition 3" carry practice is misguided, I get mighty tired of folks telling others, "give up your permit" if you don't do it my way.

There's instruction, correction, encouragement, and even gentle cajoling that are acceptable methods of persuasion. The arrogance and ridicule implied in "turn in your permit" or "you shouldn't carry" statements are not acceptable.
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