One Gun Man - what's he (she) carry?

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Going with the backpacking scenario,I will insist on a handgun.

I need to go light and I still INSIST on being armed.

Depending on time of year [ hibernating bears ] or terrain and weather,I can go either revolver or auto.

Revolver is = light days,.357 386 S&W 7 shot with a 3" barrel.

Revolver medium days .44 mag. S&W 329 4" barrel with medium to heavy .44SP rounds and magnums for backup.

Auto is a Glock in .40 S&W,with spare mags and most rounds in the 180 grain for just about any critter.

SHTF stuff = at the very least a bolt rifle in .308 / 6.5 X 55 !.
Well, picturing "backpacking in bear country," I'd probably carry a 4-inch Redhawk in .45 Colt. If it had to be a long gun, it would be probably be a Remington Model 7 in .308.

Like your rig, Float Pilot. What does the drilling weigh, DM?

Yep. The shotgun.

The shotgun is hands down the most verstile firearm made. Load small shot for small game such as rabbits and squirrels, medium shot for game birds and heavy load of 00 or slugs for deer and big game such as elk. It is the weapon of choice in grizzly country.

For settlers headed West cash money was tight as was space in the wagon so a shotgun would meet most of their needs. A double barrel coach gun was effective for guards on stagecoaches and for quieting drunks and assorted criminals when in the hands of a lawman.

V.P. Biden has declared the only firearm should legally own is a double barrel shotgun so I already have my legal firearm in his brave new world.
One gun has been with me since 1992, a Glock 19. Practice shooting up to 200yards. Regular use with the same ammunition. The best gun is the one you've got with you when you need it. If you don't have it the find the best knife,next best stick. The mental attitude you carry in your head will steer you clear of dangerous situations.
One gun will not do all you set out to do, especially the difference between a survival gun and a Bear stopping gun.

One handgun? A 4" DA .357 Magnum revolver. Load .357 Magnum ammo for SD and deer size game, load .38 Specials for small game, load snakeshot for varmints.
(it's breaking the rules but I would add a .22LR long gun for survival)
One gun will not do all you set out to do, especially the difference between a survival gun and a Bear stopping gun.

I disagree. A good shotgun will do pretty much anything and everything any gun can do. I'd take an 870 with 3 barrels - a short (18.5") smooth bore for slugs and buckshot to be used as SD for humans or whatever animal you might enoucnter, a long barrel for bringing down waterfowl for dinner, and a rifled barrel for taking down deer at distances up to 250 yards. If I have to stay out in open country it won't matter what gun I have because I will be an easy target for someone with a long range rifle. I'd stay close to cover where a 250 yard shot should be plenty.

As someone else said, no gun is as versatile as a shotgun. It's not even close. I "might" be happy with a good revolver that can fire heavy duty rounds down to low powered rounds. A .460 S&W will fire .45 Long Colt, .454 and .460. You can hunt anything with a gun like that if you can keep from breaking your arm with it. And with shot shells you can hunt small game. I might even go with a .44 mag S&W 629. Again it will take low powered .44 special rounds, heavy duty .44 mag cartridges (including the previously mentioned Buffalo Bore solids which will bring down a bear and possibly even an elephant. You can carry a smaller weapon and use if for SD and hunting as well as varmint control. It would be a good choice.

But my first choice would still be a shotgun specifically a 12 ga. Remington 870 Wingmaster and a selection of barrels and a bunch of different ammo loads.
Ok. So I'm a bit of a "one gun" fanatic.

Before I start, the guy with the drilling wins all the cool points.

Anyway. I was on board with the shotgun idea for a long time. It is capable of handling any and everything. With the tight barrel and the right load. Even if you've decided on a single barrel that can accomplish everything, a shotgun is HEAVY. As is its ammo. Carrying the gun itself along with 50 rounds each buck, slug, and shot my back hurts just thinking about it!!!

The answer to this will vary by location and idea of what the one gun world would look like. In mine, It's south louisiana. No bears. No wide open spaces. Just small stuff up close. So for me it would be an AR. Bare bones. It can cleanly harvest anything that roams around down here. It's light. Ammo is everywhere. It's just kinda hard to beat.
Well if you want it to do everything, bring a Barrett M107 50BMG :p

But seriously, I'd take an AR15 in 5.56 with a 22lr conversion bolt/mag with both ammo.

A close second option is a good 12ga shotgun with different types of ammo (bird, buck, slugs).

I've also carried this, but ammo is limited due to weight :D

AK pistol 7.62x39 with 12" barrel, sling, optic, and flashlight.
Savage 24v camper in 22 over 20. One brick of 22, one box of buckshot and one box of heavy dove.

What could I not do with that?
@BSA1: You might want to research 'The Gun that won the West" a bit more...

The Colt Single Action Army and the Winchester 1873 say "Hi" as well.
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A Drilling, as DM has, has been on my short list for a long time.

A true Scout rifle in .308 would fit, but some activities would be limited/modified due to not having a shotgun. The rimfire uses of the Drilling could be met with specialty handloads.

Either, I would add at least one pistol. Can't just go with the long gun unless forced. Location and perceived need would determine which pistol.
Well, brutha, you're kind of all over the place.

First, is the question: One GUN, One RIFLE, or one LONG GUN? Very different answers. The latter two suggest that you can supplement with handguns, and the second one suggests that you can supplement with shotguns as well.

Second, as mentioned, is it for every use under the sun, including all forms of self-defense? I'll assume yes on this one. That would rule out the drilling, assuming the question is one LONG GUN (the drilling is definitely otherwise the correct answer for all practical uses other than self-defense - make mine in 12 ga 3.5", .280 rem, and .223 rem, with .22lr and .22 mag chamber adapters).**

Next, you yourself gave TWO, not one, for your answer (unless a "61 grain penetrator" is from the ".22lr bolt" you mention - I don't know if this means you're adding a second gun which is a turnbolt in .22lr, or you mean adding a Ceiner-style kit TO the AR in 5.56x45, or you mean using a Ceiner-style kit period, withOUT ever shooting it in centerfire / 556x45 config - that's open to several interpretations). So which is it - two or one? Or are you asking One rimfire and One centerfire? Or what?

Just need to understand the question.

But if the question is "rifle", not "gun" or "long gun", and the uses include self-defense, but also all hunting, the answer is going to be, for me, a turnbolt rifle in a light config - preferably a scout type setup. Think "mountain rifle" or "mountain scout". 19 to 20" bbl, lightweight profile all around, chargeable by stripper clips (into a fixed 5 round mag), low powered fixed or variable scope, in the forward/eer/scout position. Chambering would ideally be .260 rem or 7mm-08, but other acceptable choices could include .243 win, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 win, a few others. Might even could make a good case for .223 rem with a 7 twist. A really heavy gilding metal / monolith bullet, with brain shots, could bring down all but the largest African DG, and you could carry chamber adapters in .22lr and .22mag for subsistence survival, including shotshells. My choice would be .243 win if I had to press it into self-defense role too, but otherwise would be .260 rem. Add a ching sling.

Colonel Cooper wasn't whistling dixie when he came up the the scout concept - it's the right answer. Now an AR15 in something like 6.8 spc or 6.5 grendel or even .300 BLK is also a good choice, but I think it has to take a close 2nd place behind the scout due to WEIGHT. A lever or pump would even be in contention, but also end up being slightly behind due to weight, less accuracy, and less positive extraction.

If the question is one longgun, then that's a tougher call for me - it's be either the scout rifle still, or a shotgun (either semi or pump, preferably semi).

**PM me or ask if you want
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If I could only have one gun it would be a Remington 870 12ga. There's very little that can't be achieved with a 12ga.

Range isn't really comparable to a rifle with slugs but there's something to be said for a gun that you can hunt everything from doves and squirrel on up to elk on the upper end.
As I've said before, it depends on WHY I'm taking the one I'm taking.

If the scenario is one where I have enough time to grab the one most difficult to replace, before getting out of the house to preserve my life (due to fire, etc.) it's an M1 Garand.

If the scenario is one where I need a tool, and there is a good probability that I'm not coming back, and expect to have no access to parts, tools, cleaning supplies, etc, and might have to load my own ammo, for months or even years, it's whatever caliber Glock my hand lands on first.
I disagree. A good shotgun will do pretty much anything and everything any gun can do.

Mind posting the holster you conceal carry that shotgun in?

That is the limitation to a long gun. For almost everybody in the US picking a long gun means spending basically all of their time in public unarmed.
"Which gun?" oughta be in the General forum. :)

Ya see, Allah and Gaia got all married up, and their son, Buddha, said, "I'm the Big Hodad in the sky, and I say no dad-gummed shotguns and handguns!"

And I sez, "Yessir, I'll think on a rifle."

Sorry. It's just another character defect. Long time members probably are aware of them. :D
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I agree with Art, since this is in the Rifle Forum the OP must want to go walk-a-bout with a rifle. In my humble opinion the fellow with the 8x57 Mauser that has two 12 gauge barrels soldered to it is the grand prize winner. The various gents with Savage M24s are all first runners up. ;)

If I had to go with what I've got, I'd take my Marlin Guide Gun with a hundred rounds of my 360gr WNFP @ 1,800fps load. I'd also throw in a set of dies, Lee hand press, a couple hundred primers, Unique and some 400gr cast slugs.

I figure sitting around wrapped in a bear skin, munching on venison beats trying to start a fire by rubbing two AR15s together. :evil:
If a handgun, I'd say(and I actually do) carry a Glock 10mm. I carry silver tips for concealed carry, and switch to 200 gr xtps at 1200fps for woods. I've killed 300 lb animals very quickly with that combo, and the weight is very manageable. If I was worried about massive bars maybe my 460 Smith but it's so heavy and loud (seems louder than any other gun I've fired, rifle included, that I'm not sure I'd pick it, maybe a 44 mag, but again having carried a 7 inch Redhawk for full days the weight gets to your hips eventually. And if I'm crawling around in rocks, or through Laurel bushes I really don't care if the ugly Glocks get scratched or rubbed through mud either.
As far as rifles, I wouldn't feel bad with any modern center fire from 257 Roberts up, I've killed most everything around here with an old 257 remington mountain rifle just as fast as with the 338/378 or 7mm ultra. Depends where u are but most any hunting rifle has enough power to go through anything in my woods. As far as the savage 24s I've killed grouse and turkeys and groundhog, and deer with a 222/20 and hunted some with a 22/410, if like to have a223/12 but haven't found one yet. But if I go for a full day hike, climbing up hills and rocks and such I just carry a handgun.
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