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Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by sm, Oct 4, 2006.

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  1. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    When all you have is lemons - make lemonade.

    We had balloons.
    You don't understand , we had LOTs of balloons. Not sure how all this came about, other than the comment was made by kids "gee, be nice to have some more balloons to shoot".

    Too early for the Great Pumpkin some say, I dunno, perhaps he did show up early...

    So we adults get all these balloons blown up. We had big ones, little ones. We had round ones and long skinny ones. We had solid colors and some with all sorts of patterns.

    As the 2 year old said : OONs ! sums it up best ...

    We adults undertook the most difficult feat one can - hiding a kids shooting range set up, Filled with balloons , from view of kids.

    My idea of just tossing the kiddos into vehicle trunks at home, then just backing up to range once arrived did gain some enthusiam - but that would mean some would have to get some junk out of trunks, and well...wouldn't want to cause extra effort on a mom's part or nothing...;)

    So before heading down to range, vehicles were stopped, and bandanas put over eyes, and I get short straw to "Listen kiddos, we got a surprise, so act surprised and your wonderful adopted "Uncle Steve" will not get his skinny butt kicked by your mom's.
    Oh, do this, and I just happen to have a box of candy bars...

    Bribery, blackmail will outdo youth and skill any day of the week...say what you want - this bribing stuff works...

    Myth Busting Time: It is NOT the kids you have to keep from running, it is the adults, especially moms, you have to watch out for.

    "If I get a chocolate bar, I would quit running" - no, not a kid, a Mom. *sigh*

    Never said I was smart, I am the only adult male with kiddos and ladies, and moms, with balloons, and box of chocolate. I need my head examined...

    Single shot .22 rifles and Buddy system in place, and decided to have kid just pick a color and shoot it.

    Green, I do green, everyone knows I do green. Do not shoot the gween ones...

    My "buddy" was the 2 year old, she actually likes yellow, but , hey, a "oon" is a "oon" so green is fine.

    Now imagine tarps under all this soon to be mess of balloons everywhere. Tied to plywood, off cross ties, on the ground...looked like a lake full of "oons".

    Really did a pretty good job of keeping "lanes" with the same color.

    Listen to your shooting buddy, safety is paramount, so when MY shooting buddy (the 2 year old) "suggested" to me that I needed to "hold" the Marlin 60 with the Woodtone finish, and she would pull the trigger - well I listened of course.

    [First thing she pointed to was a 28 gauge shotgun, I like the way this young lady thinks :D ]

    Down the firing line I hear:
    " Can't I shoot now - please !?!!"

    That was the mom, putting on the worst snivel and whine act I believe I have heard in a long , time. The flaying hands, and stomped foot bit, was a nice touch. :p

    "No mom one more shot okay?" One more shot went to 11, real sure 11 because the mom was counting and reminding after every shot fired...:p

    Well - we survived the first wave of the "oons" and break time.

    Chocolate bars were attacked...and then the "lets make something with the balloons". Some folks are talented, making dogs, horses, hats...then after all these things made...

    Things got out of hand. I think it was the second helping of chocolate ...

    This "thing" started out as 4 smaller balloon critters. Started morphing and growing, and getting bigger, it kept getting "ooner" and "igger".

    Bigger than a 2 year old, bigger than a 4 year old, bigger than a 9 year old...I am 6' 170 # and I am looking up at ...not sure what one would call it. Looked like a Space Station done mated with a Studabaker, and Octupus atop the Golden Arches...

    We were in fear of laughing ourselves sick, so, to stop an immediate threat , one keeps shooting until threat is no more...

    Getting this thing out to the range and tied with cord was interesting...

    Now the deal was, to shoot in your "lane" and take out one part.

    2 year old was wanting to watch the firining line, and this ...thing...so I was given another Shooting buddy, a 4 year old boy.

    "We need to use this"
    Shooting buddy told me to...so we have the YELLOW single shot .410, with tie-dye...I look really good shooting this thing...

    We were going for loose parts that come our way. Pretty sure from what we shot first, this thing was not going to reproduce from the looks of what part come our way first...

    It was also "wetting itself" and "melting".

    Hey it hard to smoke and blow up balloons at the same time, so I used the garden hose to fill balloons. I wanted to play with the water anyway...the folks inside were making this "thing" so I went to make a "base" for it.

    So we finally rid earth of "thing" and the world is safe again...or is it?

    While the folks are inside, taking a break, fighting over the rest of the candy -
    "I am a mom, moms need chocolate"
    "So I am a kid, I should get that candy bar"

    I <grunt> get this big box out to the range. <whew!>

    I have this big cardboard box sitting out there and finally someone notices it.

    One guess who filled a punch ball about 3 feet in diameter with water :evil:

    I let down the sides , down to where I had pre-cut, to leave a base

    Its baaaaaaccckkkk!
    Totally out of nukes, so we could not nuke it from orbit to be sure...

    We have a drawing and 2 year old wins. By this time I am her bestest friend, and it does not matter if mom is trying to bribe that cutie with fruit juice in them containers she likes...

    You can forget offering that 2 year chocolate too...

    Uncle Steve is latched onto and we are going to get to shoot this water filled punch ball.

    She really is attracted to a 870 in 28 ga. Like I said , I like the way this young lady thinks.

    I suggest the single shot 28 ga we have shot together, "kay" so she agrees, she likes this gun too.

    I hold, she slaps trigger and water goes overwhere!!

    We got wet, gun got wet, it was the perfect "buddy system".

    Tarps make clean up easy, no more "oons" to shoot, and the kids , moms, and I have shot our quota of balloons for a bit...

    Too much fun, lots of great shooting lessons learned, and teamwork on everything.


  2. SoCalShooter

    SoCalShooter Member

    Oct 3, 2006
    That's for me to know and not you!

    Your insane is my first thought then I read the entire thing. Good job on getting the youngins involved very good job.
  3. thegriz

    thegriz Member

    Aug 8, 2006

    Pictures, Man! Where's the pictures?

    You are my hero. Water filled punch balls...hmmm...

    We've done air-fillled balloons but nothing on the scale of what you've done.

    I salute you, sir!
  4. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    I'm old school, so since I know about water balloons, I am best left passing forward to kids what I know "more than I dare share" about water balloons.

    I will leave the Mutant Zombie/Ninja/Duck/Puma stuff to other folks. Besides I did not see any of these Mutant Zombie/Ninja/Duck/Puma"targets" at the dollar store...

    Not ready made...we make our own. Well there was them Purple Dino stuffed animals that were real popular...we...err...we "enhanced these" . Real favorite target for parents when kiddo outgrew that singing Purple Dino. Rite of passage you might say...

    Nerf balls are great too, these take lots of hits, come in all sizes, colors, and if one has one chewed up [thanks to dawgie] makes a great target.

    I hope kiddos never quit passing onto me all this stuff I keep learning...;)
  5. critter

    critter Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    southeast AR
    OONS! I loved the story! You have done something those kids will fondly remember till the day they die! GOOD on ya!
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