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Feb 13, 2006
In the land of make believe.
I have been developing an interest in the DAK system. However I have not found any places which will allow me to rent a Sig with this system and I have been rather hesitant to buy a system as I am not all that familiar with it.

I am interested in getting opinions on this system. I have a Sig P228 in DA/SA that I enjoy shooting very much. I am currently looking at a Sig P226R with the DAK system as I like the idea of a DAO gun. I was looking for opinions and for thoguhts on this system versus the traditional DA/SA found on Sigs.

I am looking at purchasing this system in a Sig P226R and a Sig P229R. I was also curious as to whether I could change the gun over to a DA/SA gun if I dislike the DAK system, is conversion possible? IF so how much? Do I need to send it to Sig?

Thanks for all the opinions.

I own nine SIGs, one of which is a P239 SAS in .40 S&W with the DAK trigger. The DAK is something of a miracle in the engineering of leverage. If you dry fire it, the hammer goes all the way down, and the next trigger pull is like a normal DA. However, in the real world, that doesn't happen. When you rack the slide to chamber a round, or when the slide cycles during firing, the hammer ends up slightly cocked. The position is similar to a 1911 hammer's "safety notch". Now when you pull the trigger, the pull weight seems to be cut in half from the full DA pull (it isn't, really, but it's substantially reduced). I don't know exactly what's involved with the shift in trigger linkage geometry, but I understand that the fulcrum is shifted to a different point and increases mechanical advantage. However it works, it works very well indeed. If I had to live with an out-of-the-box DAO trigger, this is the one. Sure, a good gunsmith can slick up almost anything, but at a price. And even then, I don't see how much anyone can improve a DA pull over the DAK. Picture a really well-done S&W revolver DA trigger pull and you get the idea.
I've only shot one once, but I was highly impressed. I think I will pick one up one of these years. I'm going to shoot one again next month at an open house at a local gun store/range.
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