P365 vs Hellcat Initial Comparison

I own a 365xl and a buddy has the hellcat pro. I like them both.
Have added a 507k-gr and a Wilson Combat grip module to mine. Changes the whole feel of the gun. Added one to my P320 as well.
I’ve shot a few, but for me the 365 feels better. And I can shoot it! Never handled another microcompact that fits my hand as well. I ran a whole tactical class with is and it kept up with the “full size” stuff very well. Close to 4k rounds through it I believe. I did upgrade to the flat trigger. May try a Wilson grip. But it’s America, and you can shoot and own the one you prefer. Or both. And be happy. 😁
I have a 200 round 'Defensive Shooting' class scheduled. If I find the 365 is wearing me out, I'll have a P320 in the range bag. But I don't expect to need it.
One more nod for the SIG...
Yep Me too. Guys that I shoot with like it a lot too. Accuracy is up there with a really good duty gun...and it feels "right" in the hand. The attch pic was shot on my first day with it at 10 yds, Weaver stance, no support...Federal American Eagle 124 gr FMJ's. It's the best overall carry gun I've used. Small, light on the belt, great sights, usable trigger and it fits my and my wife's hands. Rod

I did the same side by side comparisom a while back. I chose the Hellcat for several reasons. First reason was that Sig's optic plate removal took the rear sight away whereas the Hellcat retained the rear sight allowing use of both iron and red dot together. Very practical redundancy.

Next was the extra round in the Hellcat. Not a deal breaker but at least a point in it's favor.

The controls felt better to me, especially the mag release.

I think the OSP Hellcat model was cheaper than the optic ready Sig at that time. I wanted a gun with the intent of installing an optic. Went with a Sig Zero.

Both good guns. Not a bad choice either way.
I don't necessarily have a problem with the lack of a safety if carried in a holster that covers the trigger, but we don't always carry that way
I've a couple three 365s, and added the manual safety to all of them. It only gets used for administrative stuff; I'll engage it, for on the shelf above my bunk at camp, as an example. But it is really clever that SIG chose to make the safety an option that consumers can easily add themselves.
Thinking about it, SIG is really putting faith in their consumers.
I've a couple three 365s, and added the manual safety to all of them. It only gets used for administrative stuff; I'll engage it, for on the shelf above my bunk at camp, as an example.
Now that's interesting, Moon...I hadn't realized that I could upgrade my 365 with a safety. Too, your use as an administrative function is well considered. Best regards, Rod
Now that's interesting, Moon...I hadn't realized that I could upgrade my 365 with a safety. Too, your use as an administrative function is well considered. Best regards, Rod
Check their website. At one point, the three parts (safety levers, plunger, and spring) were really hard to get, but they should be available now. It isn't rocket surgery installing the parts; you'll have to file a relief cut in the grip module. Or order one precut.
Yeah, I carry it in a trigger-protected pocket holster (Alabama), but don't use the safety for actual carry.
I dislike U dot sights unless they’re on a J-Frame and I really appreciate Sig for overall quality and ergonomics. Easy nod to Sig on this one and I really like packing my P365XL. She’s a few years old, runs with no issues, and is extremely easy to conceal and shoot well.
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I was recently looking for a sub compact 9.
First choice was a CSX. Figured if I didn't like it I'd grab a 365. Local store had CSX, 938, Hellcat and 365xl. After handling and dry firing them the 938 and 365 were out of the running. 938 grip didn't agree with me. The 365 grip shape caused the trigger guard to be uncomfortable to my middle finger on trigger hand. The trigger had a very long first stage. The second stage was mushy until the break, which was decent.
The CSX and Hellcat both felt better in the hand and found the trigger pulls much better.
The reset on the CSX sucks, the Hellcat trigger reset is firm and crisp.
Both guns come with 10 round mags (MA).
The CSX mags are flush fit, not much support on the lower part of the grip. The Hellcat 10 round mags can either be flush fit or have an extension on them for the pinky finger. The Hellcat came with 5 mags, each mag has two base plates included so you can swap them out for your preference.
I ended up buying the Hellcat. Haven't shot it much, but so far I'm liking it.
Price had nothing to do with it. The Hellcat was $50 more than either the 365 or CSX.
Interesting, mine is very nice, easy to shoot well
I have an NRA edition (liked the color and extra mag) 365 from a couple years ago, and an XL from a month ago.

The trigger on the 365 is pretty smooth, grit-free and fairly clean; the XL is gritty, random and generally awful. I think there's either individual variation or their QC has slid quite a bit.

P365 tac packs were going for $500 and XL tac packs for $600 around here even during the time of short supplies. The Hogue HandALL makes the small one much more pleasant to shoot, and the Wilson Combat grip module works wonders for the XL. Trigger pull is reasonable, but I do not expect target pistol quality on a self-defense handgun. The Hellcat also has a lot going for it. There is no wrong choice.
Hands down the SA hellcat. every single person that picks it up comments how much they like and pick up the u-notch sight set. SIG meh.
Well, not every person. I own a Sig P365XL and rented a Hellcat from local range. After about 30 rounds in the Hellcat, I was very convinced that I could never own or recommend it. Both of these had red dot optics, so the difference in the sights was not part of the consideration. The Hellcat had a comp installed, and that was a negative feature IMHO. The Hellcat trigger was not nearly as good as the P365.
The biggest downside for the P365 is the cost of mags, being in the $50+ range retail. My general feel was that the Hellcat was a much lower quality firearm in general, especially if you expected to actually put lots of ammo thru it.
doubleh, think about a Big Dot, TruGlo, or other really visible front sight for a 365. Personally, I'm struggling with red dots, mostly because they let me see my trembles too well. Small, defensive guns aren't meant for Camp Perry, but simply to give adequate accuracy at shorter distance.
Yes, you are correct. Small guns like the P-365XL are not a easy to shoot, especially when the round count at one session gets to be over 100. However, when I compare the accuracy between some of my 9mm handguns, the P-365 is as good (other were Glock 19X, Sig P320, BabyEagle, Glock 17)
Just took the P365 out for the first time, was very impressed with it. 1.5" groups at 10 yards slow fire, about 4" rapid fire. Boy do I feel late to the game with rds's. Literally shot one of the tightest handgun groups of my life the first 100rds with one.
Had a few issues going fully into battery that were due to my light reloads
The gun was very controllable, also probably due to my light loads. The mag of full power loads I ran through it all fed fine.

Happy camper.


I rank them like this:

1) SIG P365X-the ergos are great for my smaller size hand and the trigger is better than any of the others. SIghts are very good as well
2) S&W Shield-decent ergos, more so with the 13 round mag in use with it's extended length. The trigger pull is short and sweet, second only to the P365X.
3) Glock G43X-I like the frame dimensions over the that of the full size Glocks. Trigger feels heavier and no where as smooth as the P365X.
4) SA Hellcat.-Didn't care for the grip angle and it's overall configuration. Sights are good but trigger is like that on the G43X.