Please explain an "Appleseed" to a non-American

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joe kidd'

I am an Appleseed Instructor in Texas.

Wanna take a vacation?

Come to Texas when we have a shoot.

I will lend you my M1A, I will provide all the ammo you need for the weekend shoot. At least 400 rounds, that you will need. $0.50 a round.

You will learn how to hit 20" targets at 500 yards.

How's that for preserving Liberty!

All I ask is that when you go back home, you bring the Patriot back home and spread the Patriot's message like brush fire.

Can't come to the US for Appleseed?

That's OK too.

Shoot me a PM and I will mail you info on how to make Appleed happen in Australia. Targets, info, etc.

You are on to something. Something GREAT. Something that can change the world, Appleseed.



Brett, in Texas.
Goint o ressurect this thread for a bit.

Brett speaks truth. There is no hype, just a genuine desire that you learn basic rifle marksmanship. Clip loading or magazine loading weapons are friendlier to use, tube feeds can be used but you will almost certainly fail to make time.

Someone, actually quite a few people said that Appleseed wasn't a bolt gun friendly shoot. I will tell you right now that that the targets used and the course of fire you will complete were originally developed for use with the Rifle M1903. It wasn't 2 and 8 when the Army started out, it was 5 and 5 and it can be done handily with a bolt gun, if you know how to properly operate a bolt gun. It didn't become a 2 and 8 course until the M1 was adopted. The bolt rifle must have either the availability and use of strippers or detachable magazines if you want to have a sporting chance.

Well, I can see that I haven't been by for a while.

Lots of good info on the program.

Also some really misinformed comments by some that haven't been to one of our events.

Yes, your bolt guns are welcome. Several of my Northeast area (New England and New York) Instructor crew use bolt guns. I use one sometimes, though I have to say that I've found the 10/22 Ruger a good rifle to use for this.

Why a .22?

To save money, so you can shoot more, and eventually shoot better. More shooting is more practice, which means better proficiency.

Does it replace your Battle Rifle?

No, it sure doesn't. You'll need to learn to shoot both well.

Is Appleseed a bunch of "wannabe" soldiers running around the woods trying to play soldier?

Not on a bet. Matter of fact, some of our Instructors are soldiers ourselves, including me. Just this month, I was teaching at an Appleseed near Watertown, NY, and several of the shooters were from Fort Drum (10th Mountain Division, they're Infantry). Well, that crew was all from the same Cavalry unit, and they learned a LOT. Enough so that they're considering using our program to teach thei entire unit before going back overseas. Yes, some of these guys were Combat Veterans, and NCO's at that.

The bottom line?

Come on and join us at one of our events. We'll work with any special requirements you may have, even if you have a physical handicap. Yes, we've had wheelchair bound shooters attend. Of course, I don't consider them "handicapped", I just think they're working harder than the rest of us.

Don't let age scare you away, either. THe youngest I've ever taught is 8, the oldest in his 80's. One of my Instructors is just 12 years old. That young man can shoot. Left handed with a bolt .22, and he gets 10 well aimed rounds down range in just 15 seconds (Rapid Fire drill, to get the shooter to quit "fussing the shot").
I considered going to appleseed shoot at one time but

I have a huge stomach (aka gut) and getting into the proper prone and sitting positions quickly (all day long) would become very tiring. It would just remind me of basic training a long long time ago!~
After reading the appleseed web site and the info here about the requirement to rapidly change shooting positions it is something I decided to not even try.
I tried to get my wife to go but she only wants to learn to to shoot a handgun better. And appleseed does not offer handgun training.
We are located near Winston Salem NC.
I attended an appleseed shoot last April. I was a decent shooter, good enough for most hunting and target shooting. When I left I was a much better shooter with fewer bad habits. My shooting has gotten even better during year since I've had time to think about, digest, and implement the training I got.

My pistol shooting improved too. They teach some core fundamentals that are important, yet somehow not widely taught. I had many "aha!" moments. It was also an honor to meet the men volunteering their time. Most are veterans and all were stand-up men.
I'm signed up for Boot Camp in November. Can't wait!

thegriz, that link in your sig goes to a parking page.
For those that want to use a bolt, the Savage mk2 with it's 10rnd clip works just fine. The young lady next to me had one of the romanian surplus training rifles with 10 rnd clips and she and I kept up fine.

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