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Jeff White

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Dec 24, 2002
Alma Illinois
I have carried Benchmade and Emerson folders for years. The screws that hold the pocket grip on come loose on all of them. It seems like after the first time you tighten them up they are done, always loose after that.

Is there any fix? Anyone come up with a solution? I have even tried blue Locktite with little success.
Loctite has always worked well for me but if it's not working for you maybe a more permanent solution would be a dab of JB Weld.
I don't know. I have taken my clip completely off my Benchmade and then back on again. No loosening. Maybe I've just been lucky. I do have to occasionally retighten the pivot screw, but mostly only after an accidental trip through the laundry.

Maybe I'm not remembering this correctly, it's been a while, but I'm thinking that I once used a Loctite formula for something else, and that it was in between the blue and the permanent red one in terms of bonding strength. I think it was green, but I don't think you can really go off of the colors, because they have some different formulations that are the same color, IIRC.

Have you tried wrapping a tiny piece of tape or something around the screws? Kind of make-shift, but at least it might keep you from losing any hardware until you find a better solution.

If nothing else, send an email to Benchmade and Emerson. I'd bet either one would take care of it somehow.

I'd take the clips off, then use a pipe cleaner and acitone or rubbing alcohol to throughly clean all the oil out of the threads.

Them apply a tiny drop of Blue #242 Lock-Tight on the threads, under the clip, and under each screw head.

After it cures overnight.
They won't get loose again I betcha.

It is an unusual problem though.

I have carried Benchmades for years and can't ever remember a clip screw getting loose.
And I don't use Lock-Tight on them.
But I do really crank them down when I put them on.

if blue loctite is failing.....try a dab of clear nail polish on the threads.......
I use blue because if you bend your pocket clip outward by snagging it on something the only way to bend it back is to take it off. This has happened to me several times.
Another thing I might suggest is to add spring lock washers.

I did that on a Benchmade Mel Pardue 3000 auto, because it was too slick to get it out of my pocket.

The lock washers adds a little height to the screw heads, and give your finger something to grab hold of when drawing the knife out.

They would also serve very well for thier orginial purpose of locking the screws.

You can get a pack of tiny Du-Bro lock washers at any hobby shop that sells R/C cars or airplanes.

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I'd also try the blue Loctite, in case you want to switch the clip's position or change it, etc. I can't imagine it wouldn't work on just the clip screws.
Degrease the screws and holes and then use permanent Loc-Tite on them.

If you ever need to take them apart, touching a soldering iron to the head of the screws will soften the Loc-Tite so they can be removed easily.

This assumes, of course, that the screws are screwing into metal or some other temperature resistant material.
THR is an amazing place. The amount of knowledge that I have gained here is voluminous. Following is a multi year maxima mea culpa:
I have owned a Benchmade 9100 Auto for close to 10 years, could be more.
The pocket clip got bent years back and I tried unsuccessfully to straighten it. I tried to remove the screws but they seem rounded instead of a hex or torq head. So I just lived with it. In the pocket it went.
After reading this thread I went to the tool box and pulled a 1/16 Bondhus. Worked perfectly. The three clip screws were loose. Pulled them all, re-bent the clip and it is like new. I might just be the exception to the saying "I didn't get old by being stupid"
Thanks guys

I bought one of the little blue Benchmade toolkits when I first saw them - I was carrying a Mini-AFCK at the time and needed to be able remove/replace the pocket clip screws after I bent the clip. Never had any problem with them backing out after the first time I tightened them, but I think the tension on the spring clip helped with that.

The kit is still in the top tray of the tool box - been there for a good many years now. Hmmm. Looks as if they changed it some... http://www.bladehq.com/item--Benchmade-Blue-Box-Knife--330
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