Possible Sight Combination

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Aug 10, 2010
North Carolina
I did some low light practice draws with my P-07 this afternoon. The white dot sight was nearly impossible to see.

I'm not talking about pitch black light levels. It was more of a twighlight level. I had semi-thick curtains pulled over the windows. The sun was shining directly against the window on one side. It was nowhere near as dark as 3am. So, I am looking at some night sights.

I was thinking of going with a fiber optic rear sight and tritium front sight. I have heard the fiber optic sights are less than useless at night. So, what is the best combo for a defensive handgun at night?

Also what do the size numbers mean for rear sights. I keep seeing #4 or "#5 rear sight." I am a little :confused:
No pistol sight works well at night.

But one that might, is a Tritium front and a plain black rear. Just concentrate on getting the front sight on target......the rear lines up on it's own.

And get a good Surefire flashlight.
Night sights

I use a Streamlight TLR on a Glock 23, I agree that a good front sight works for some.

No need for a "night sight" on the rear, just the front.
After trying a variety of different sights, I settle on the XS sights. Big white dot with tritium in front and v notch with tritum bar in the back. For my self-defense pistols that is what works best for me. Though I wouldn't use these sights on a target pistol, they are very good for a self defense pistol IMO.
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