Post pics of your new Christmas knives.

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Sep 6, 2010
I haven't had one of these in 20 years and was gifted one for Christmas. A classic Buck 110 and I love it! Pic quality is not the best, but it looks sweet in my hand...admiring it right now.


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My gal got me this cause she knew I'd dig the proportions and the handle. We don't know who made it but they did one hell of a job.

As for 110's. I went about for years thinking I was over romanticizing my past owned 110's then she brought a couple home from an estate sale and I realized I was underselling them in my memory. I moved one down the road for over 300 bucks (some kind of weirdo collectible early one) and kept the other.


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I ordered a Benchmade Griptilian on the 24th and there is some delay in shipping so I'll have to post pics when I get it.
I got a Buck 112 Ranger for Christmas (smaller version of the 110). I've used a 110 as my hunting knife since I was a kid, and it is one of my favorite knives. Didn't even know the 112 existed until a couple of weeks ago. I like it so much that the 112 might become my EDC.
The 112 came with the leather sheath, the Walmart 110 with the nylon.
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My Christmas knife was the SVORD Peasant Knife. Seen it on one of the forums here and just had to get one. I like the primitive simple function. It's going to be a favorite. I've already used it quite a bit and the high carbon blade is already taking a nice patine on the polished section.

Comment for you Buck owners. The company's customer service is surpassed by none. I bought the Buck 110 several years ago off of Ebay. It is a Buck Custom Shop Knife. I really liked the Elk scales on it. When the knife arrived, the seller had aggressively buffed the blade and there was some metal on the blade that was polished away. I called Buck and they replaced the blade and had the knife back to me within 2 weeks. Cost was $10.00 and that included shipping. The customer service rep told me that when you buy a Buck, you buy it for life. Awesome company.


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Well it's not new but I bought this for a Christmas present for myself. It came with a "Buy Brown " kydex IWB sheath.
Busse SAR-3


I got a "yoshi blade" ceramic knife from the parents, picked up a cold steel readyedge and a gerber 06 fast tanto for myself today after getting my paycheck
Got a Leatherman Wave from wife's uncle (a mechanical engineer), and a Mora Bushcraft Forest from my schoolteacher mother in law! Definitely didn't see that coming.
This rusty little thing got handed down from my father in law. The blade is marked:

(obscured) USA

I'm not familiar with this knife brand. I'm guessing it's fairly old. 2.5" main blade.

New Buck/Tops Nighthawk with a 6.25" blade. Combat/utility, survival, and showing off. :D
No pics yet.. However, my beautiful wife is getting me a fixed blade custom made for my Christmas present. It will be my first custom knife so I cannot wait to see the outcome.
Didn't get one as a gift but bought one for myself.
Chose a Kershaw Skyline because I like the flipper design and the type of blade steel it is made from.
Helps too that it's USA made and weighs 2.3 ounces.
Searcher, who made that? Looks like something I'd be pretty darn interested in
It was made by Rock Creek knives, they are part of Hanwei. This knife is a new model I picked it up on Ebay. Carbon steel blades with stag scales. They also have a version with bamboo scales.
My new Harvey King camp knife. I had ordered it a few months back and got it right before Christmas. My wife took it away wrapped it for under the tree. Like the kids I am not supposed to buy a bunch of toys before the big day. :D
I dont have pics at the moment, but found a Benchmade 158 NIB for $60 shipped. I love this knife. Pics later.
This was my Christmas present but I just got it today! It is razor sharp and glimmers like a mirror. The balance is superb, no doubt where the chopping sweet spot is on this baby. It is about as small as what I consider a practical camp chopper. The execution is excellent, the scales very well done. The guard is big enough that I won't ever run my hand up and the tail of the handle won't allow it to slip out on the snap cutting action it will see. The scales are polished a little more than I thought but canvas micarta gets grippier with wear and the ergonomics promise NOT to tear up my skin in extended use. I am gonna coat the blade with a preservative grease (MD Labs XF7) as this is real steel folks. I am a happy Camper and will provide reviews as this knife gets used. It is not signed, which is a slight negative, hey use a vibra pen! The sheath is very well put together and speaks heavy duty, however although the retension is very good and adjustable I am used to clicking inplace which the design doesn't do.
This will be carried on a Maxepedition Gear Slinger in stead of the larger Kershaw D-2 bolo that is on it now it is what I carry when jeep camping ect..
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