Pre 70 series Colt Government in Nickel. Production numbers?


Jun 29, 2012
I stumbled into what appears to be a very nice, 98%+ factory nickel pre-70 series Colt 1911 Government over the weekend. I'm not what you'd call a 1911 collector, though I've by chance happened into a few nice ones. I'll be getting it lettered as soon as it arrives, and I expect, or at least dearly hope the letter shows a factory nickel finish on this very late production pre-70's Colt Government.
I don't see anything that indicates a refinish on this gun and sources indicate the pre-70 series bright nickel finish is not easy to reproduce because of the different texturing, both matte and polished.
That being said, does anyone happen to have access to the actual number of postwar nickel pre-70 1911's produced as compared to the blued finish, maybe even a breakdown by year? Best I've found are estimates ranging from 2% to 10% of the pre-70 series were nickeled.
Or know which book I need to find to get that information?
Thank you